Strike Squadron: Caracará - Eridanus Studio
Hello, pilots! A new update is up for Strike Squadron!

* I overhauled how some things work in the game's physics to improve performance. The 3rd party Engine still has some kinks I can't get to, but you'll notice the improvement;

* I also fixed an issue in which sometime at the station a character wouldn't show up and the dialogue would get stuck. That's not gonna happen anymore!

* There were reports of issues with the Portuguese localization, including a few cases in which Portuguese lines showed in the English version of the game. That's dealt with for good!

* A little more balancing on missions 9 to 12, to improve the experience.

And that's it for this update!

Good flying!
- JMBeraldo
Strike Squadron: Caracará - Eridanus Studio
It has been a week since I was again at BIG Festival, Brazil's largest indie games event, where I was invited to show Strike Squadron: Caracará for the second year in a row!

Dozens of people had the opportunity to play the game. They laughed, raged and even high fived a few times after a tough mission! Best of all, they gave me their feedback, which is the reason for this new update, which brings you:

* Gamepad controls! You will be able to fly your ship with it, and go back to keyboard & mouse if you prefer through the pause menu;
* Dynamic balancing on the first 3 levels that will make the mission harder only if you are acing it;
* Adjustments to art on the 3 first levels and interface (map, dialogue and pause menu) to improve your experience;
* Minor bug and text fixes.

Let me know what you think about the gamepad control and new balance!

Good flying!
- JMBeraldo
Eridanus Studio
Strike Squadron: Caracará - Eridanus Studio
First of all, welcome to all of you 4912 new owners of SSC that came along since my last update. I hope you love this ride!

I did a little pause on the development of Her Name is Justice to get Strike Squadron: Caracará's localization system up and running and, since Brazilian Portuguese is my native language, it was the first up.

Next up will be German, which may take a few weeks as I'm still searching for a viable translation alternative.

What other languages would you like the game to be translated in? Let me know!

- JMBeraldo
Eridanus Studio
Strike Squadron: Caracará - Eridanus Studio
Hello, pilots! This new update now live brings you:

* Improvements to the game interface, including the addition of sound effects to better let you know when things you click are working;
* New story achievements so you have a better feedback of when your choices made allowed you to learn more about the plot;
* A better top speed control system that prevents ships from slingshooting around;
* Various minor improvements and fixes to texts and audio.

Also, I have a couple more news:

* Portuguese localization is still in the works. It is currently 70% done;
* A companion game to Caracará is in the making and should be up on Greenlight in a couple of days, featuring the most bad ass colonel in the Southern Alliance.
* Another new game is currently on Greenlight: Bounty, a text-based fantasy adventure in which each bounty you decide to hunt is a short story on its own that affects how later stories unfold. Help out with your 'YES' here -

Thank you!
Strike Squadron: Caracará - Eridanus Studio
Another round of bugfixes and improvements based on community feedback is up!

Today's fix comes thanks to the report of a player (check the Community Hub for more information)!

* Now the game automatically saves midway through longer missions, especially after long dialogue sequences. Now if you die or select Restart Mission, you won't have to do everything again. The station save remains as it is, so, if you want to replay a mission from the start, just select Return to Base from the pause menu.

* Fixed a bug on mission 11 where your wingmen desobeyed orders and got wiped out, preventing the mission ending from triggering. Those AI were dressed down by the Colonel and shouldn't be going rogue any longer ;)

Got feedback to give? Something you'd like to see in the game? A bug you caught? Let me know on the Community Hub!

Best regards,
- JMBeraldo
Strike Squadron: Caracará - Eridanus Studio
Hello, pilots! Update 1.3 is now up bringing you a new round of improvement and fixes based on your feedback.

In this update:
* All new pause menu including Restart Mission, Back to Base and the controls layout (minus all that excessive text from 1.2!);
* The game is now fully prepared for localization to other languages, which will be up in future updates. The first up will be Brazilian Portuguese (because I can do it myself) followed by either German or Russian (once the game sold enough to allow me to spend on it. Spread the word!);
* Improvements to a few missions where the objective was not so clear;
* Reduced a little of the Rapina's speed. It was too fast since 1.2's update, making it hard to pilot;
* The Chevalier's EMP attack now destroys mines without collateral damage to anyone around it;
* Minor fixes to dialogues that wouldn't trigger or wouldn't go away.

Let me know at the Community Hub if there is anything you would like to see in the game or issues you are having. If it's something I can do, I'll add it to the improvements list.

Meanwhile, watch your 6!
- JMBeraldo
Jan 3, 2017
Strike Squadron: Caracará - Eridanus Studio
Following a second round of feedback from you, the player, I just uploaded a new update with a couple of bugfixes and even more improvements to the game:

* Now the Uirapuru (first ship) keeps on moving after it microskips (tab);
* All player ships are slightly faster now;
* Game now autosaves again just before a mission briefing, so you don't have to go through all dialogue again if you reload the mission later on;
* Interface and control helper text added to the Pause screen, to help you know what is what and remember game controls. It's not the final version of this screen, but I preferred to add it as is to see if it helps you find the information you need to play;
* A few changes to how the game displays objectives, especially early in the game;
* Fixed the "Kill" achievements, that were not registering properly;
* Fixed an issue in which the game was not downloaded to Windows-32 users;
* Fixed a few typos on dialogues.

More improvements are on the way in later updates. Let me know at the community hub what you think of this update, what you want to see and what you like so far.

Thank you,
- JMBeraldo
Dec 30, 2016
Strike Squadron: Caracará - Eridanus Studio
After listening to some of the feedback I got about the game, I decided to do a short update before 2016 is over:

* There is an inconsistency issue with the Engine, in which some triggers fail to happen if the player died and restarted a mission. I changed how mission replay is handled to circunvent this issue. Players now shouldn't have trouble with ships not stopping where they were supposed!

* I realized some players were complaining about inertia because they didn't know hitting the SpaceBar stops the ship, so I did a few improvements to the in-mission HUD and tutorial text.

These two fixes should deal with the major issues brought up to me in this first couple of days of release, but will not be the last.

Let me know if there is anything you feel should be improved, or bugs you may come across, as I'm investigating each one of them and building a list of how and when to deal with them.

Thanks and Happy New Year!
- JMBeraldo

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