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From the boardroom to the streets, build your corporate empire and destroy the competition.

Welcome to Shakedown: Hawaii, Vblank Entertainment's latest open world adventure. Shakedown: Hawaii parodies mega corporations, white collar crimes, and the most comically egregious business practices that go alongside. It playfully satirizes business that's so ballsy, you'll be left saying, "I'm not even mad, that's amazing!".

Build a "legitimate" corporation via open world missions, property acquisition, shakedowns, sabotage, market manipulation and collateral "re-zoning". The entire island is up for grabs... or at least, will be once you ruffle enough feathers.
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The follow up to Retro City Rampage, Shakedown: Hawaii has a new trailer!

For more info on the game, jump to

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What would you like to see in Retro City Rampage follow ups?
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Which weapons would you like to see in Shakedown Hawaii? What was your favorite mission in Retro City Rampage?

Please take a moment to fill out this survey. If you're too busy to answer every question, don't worry -- just fill in the ones you can!

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I'm excited to announce that fans of Retro City Rampage can finally look forward to a new installment in the Vblank open world universe!

It's titled Shakedown Hawaii, and yup, it's coming to Steam!

Check out the trailer and images below...

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Retro City Rampage 486 for MS-DOS is out NOW, along with a (surprise!) LINUX version of RCR:DX and the Windows 3.1 prototype, free for all of you who already own RCR on PC+MAC.

The Boxed Collector's Edition on 3.5" Floppy Disk is also available for $29.99 ($14.99 for floppy only) while supplies last.

Full Scoop & Trailer:

To Get Retro City Rampage for MS-DOS on Steam:
1. Update the game (if you don't see an update, restart Steam)
2. In Steam, go to Retro City Rampage DX's "Properties"
3. Click "Local Files" -> "Browse Local Files"
4. Open

For Humble Store or GOG, login and download the appropriate .zip file.

If you don't have an old PC running DOS, RCR:486 works great under DOSBox.

You can also run DOS and RCR:486 on modern PCs by creating a DOS bootable
USB flash drive, CD or DVD.
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Today's Deal: Save 70% on Retro City Rampage™ DX!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Friday at 10AM Pacific Time
Community Announcements - bripro
#### v1.51 CHANGES | 2014/11/17 ####

• Alternate keys
- Mac: The OPTION key can now be used to pick up/throw (in addition to CONTROL)
- Alternate keys are now displayed in Controls screen

• Mac: VSYNC
- Vsync now enabled for screens with non-59/60hz refresh rates

• Mac: Current system language is now detected and used automatically

• Mac: New app icon

• Steam: A more descriptive error message is now displayed if Steam API fails to initialize

I'm also doing a live Retro City Rampage: DX Q&A/stream right now. Join & I'll answer your questions!
Community Announcements - bripro
Hey everyone. I'll be streaming and playing Retro City Rampage: DX while answering your questions at 4pm PT (2 hours from this post). Please drop in and say hello!
Community Announcements - bripro
The new free 'DX' update and Mac OS X version are ready to download and play!

Watch the "Retro City Rampage™ DX - What's New in 'DX'?" Trailer

Below are some (but not nearly all) of the changes. It's a huge one!

#### v1.50 CHANGES | 2014/11/11 ####

- Includes top to bottom remastered 'DX' mode
- Every mission/challenge/weapon remastered
- New 'DX' leaderboards

- Mac version added


- Hijack or buy weapons around the city

- Clear the screen to lose the cops

- Interactive map with waypoints

- Choose the new overlay hud, or old status bar

- 1X, 2X or 3X

- Select weapons from a grid

- Widescreen tube border
- BG brightness slider
- 8-BIT/RETRO+ modes improved

- New Spanish translation
Community Announcements - bripro
Over two years after the initial release, the post launch support continues!

Retro City Rampage's 'DX' version which debuted on Nintendo 3DS earlier this year is coming to PC as a free update, along with more HD bells and whistles. New zoom modes, video options, new 'DX' Leaderboards, and much much more!

Additionally, it's coming to Mac OS X!

Both the major update and Mac version will be free to everyone who owns the game already or purchases it in the future. Specifically, like all Steam games, the Mac version will be available for free to all who purchase or have purchased the PC version, and the PC version for all who purchase the Mac version.

For the full scoop, read this:

And watch this:

Thanks for all of the support and for enjoying Retro City Rampage!

Stay tuned for more details!

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