Pawn of the Dead - Gord10

Pawn of the Dead's classical chess mode is live now, you can start playing it! FIDE rules are applied in this mode.

It is also possible to play the game with classical chess rules in random level generation mode. This means that, you can play infinite amounts of chess puzzles in Pawn of the Dead.
Pawn of the Dead - Gord10

Town environment is ready! It took days to optimize the environment to our standards, I hope you like it.
Pawn of the Dead - Gord10
The first 16 levels (first chapter) of Pawn of the Dead's campaign are now available! We want to hear your feedbacks, especially how long it took to complete them.
Nov 30, 2018
Pawn of the Dead - Gord10

Now you can undo your move with Ctrl + Z during playing Pawn of the Dead! It was the most requested feature.
Pawn of the Dead - Gord10
I have successfully added the first achievements in the game. You can see them from

I am planning to add more achievements during the early access development.
Pawn of the Dead - Gord10

I am working on achievements. If things go smooth, you will have access to the achievements in a few days.

The achievements are mainly about how many random levels you beat.
Aug 29, 2018
Pawn of the Dead - Gord10

Good news for Linux users: You can play the game on your Linux natively now! No need for emulation.

I managed to solve that post-processing bug that prevented me from publishing the game for Linux. It has a minor bug now, though: At the first time I launched the game, mouse cursor didn't run. I need to launch the game twice, then everything works perfectly. I'm currently investigating the issue.

Please let us know about your Pawn of the Dead experience in Linux, I'll do my best to make it better.
Pawn of the Dead - Gord10

I have got some bad news about the Linux support for Pawn of the Dead.

Unfortunately, I am having technical problems with our game engine (Unity) and Linux. To be precise, post-processing image effects work extremely buggy on OpenGLCore. The game can't be shipped in this state. So I need to let you know that the Linux support will wait at this point, it will be come when we fix the problem with Unity.

I am a supporter of the concept of free software and OS's. I don't expect so much Linux players for Pawn of the Dead, but I still want to support Linux for it, like I did in Clown House and Graveyard Shift.


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