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It’s time for you to get back to the battlefield and explore the new content that just arrived!
If you want to check the latest changes then check THIS out.

Your Kingdom Under Fire 2 Team
Kingdom Under Fire 2 - Kingdom Under Fire 2 Official

Hello Bersians,

we will have a maintenance tomorrow, February 18th, starting at 9 AM CET / 12AM PST.
During the down time the game services will not be available.

You can check the full Patch Notes here!

We will inform you once the maintenance is over.
Your Kingdom Under Fire 2 Team
Kingdom Under Fire 2 - Kingdom Under Fire 2 Official

New raid, new items, missions and more!It's soon time for the third content update in Kingdom Under Fire 2: You can look forward to a brand new raid, new missions, new equipment, items, some changes to existing content, a number of game improvements, and much more.
Raid: Grave of Time
Grave of Time can be played with a team of minimum two and maximum eight players. To participate, you must have a level 30 character and have completed Scourge Mountains. Each player can take their three favorite troops into battle to help them complete the Ruins Keeper's tasks. Do you dare to accept the challenge?
What else is new?
  • New Coin: „Time Fragments“
  • Can be exchanged for loot at NPC Clifton in Accolade
Five different Troops are available as item drops in the raid:
  • Grey Wood Lightningmancer (1 Star)
  • Bersia Mercenaries Steam Tank (1 Star)
  • Bulging Horn Full Armour Worshiper (1 Star)
  • Crazy Nose Desert Armoured Beetle (1 Star)
  • Hironeiden Modernised Rifleman (1 Star)
Mission: Dimensional Test
The Mission: Dimensional Test can be accepted at Yuri in Accolade and holds some difficult tasks for you! The mission consists of 50 levels in which you must destroy a number of enemies. A maximum of three units can be taken into battle, but be careful: units cannot be resurrected. The mission is complete when all of your units have died or when you reach level 50. Every 5 levels you reach, you will receive a reward for your efforts, which will be available at the end of the mission. (Only available once a day.)
New Items
  • Snow Wolf (available in the guild shop)
  • Mountain Wolf (available in the crack crystal shop)
  • Alpha Wolf (available in the diamond shop)
  • Wounded bear (loot from raid)Equipment:
  • Heroic: Armor item "Dimensional Rift" (available in Crack Crystal Shop and Grave of Time): Five new armor sets are available by upgrading the " Dimensional Rift " armor
  • Ironwall (increases physical defence by 1000 for 30 Seconds; HP-regeneration is increased by 10 for 30 Seconds.) For melee troops (e.g. Cavalrymen and Spearmen)
  • Charge (increases physical attack by 10% for 30 sec.; increases physical penetration by 500 for 30 sec.) For melee troops (e.g. Cavalrymen and Spearmen)
  • Knowledge (Increases magic attack by 10% for 30 sec.; increases SP Recovery by 5 for 30 sec.) For Anima Wizard and all Magic Troops (also Icemancer and Lightningmancer.)
  • Focus (increases physical attack by 10% for 30 sec.; Increases Accuracy by 200 for 30 sec.) For Ranged Troops (e.g. Archers, Artillerymen, Riflemen)
  • Consistency (increases physical defence by 1500 for 30 Seconds; increases max. HP by 10% for 30 sec.) for certain troops except Air Troops (eg. Ogre and Scorpion.)
  • Epic: Two new equipment sets have been added. "Enraged Pergos Set", "Idle Pergos Set" (available in Grave of Time)
  • Enraged Pergos Set has influence on the attack (3 parts oft he set = all attack values will be increased, 7 set proc attack "Fury" (can be activated by itself at a chance of 5%) Increases Physical Attack and Magic Attack +5% by 10 sec.)
  • Idle Pergos Set has influence on the defence (3 parts of the set = all defences will be increased; 7 set proc attack "Holy Armour" (can be activated by itself at a chance of 10%) Activates a shield for 10 sec. Shield absorbs 1000 damage.
Troops now available in the cubic Shop:
  • [Hironeiden] Royal Steam Tank
  • [Red Mane Mercenaries] Fierce Long Swordsman
  • [Needle Eye] Poisonous Axe Thrower
Further changes
  • Increase of the gold reward
  • Improving the gold reward of "Treasure Goblin
  • New quest "Exchange mission certificates": can be accepted at Dales in the guild district Accolade (lvl. 17+)
  • Adjustment of the daily mission rewards
  • Increase of the gold rewards of various quests and missions (e.g. daily quests, hard missions and field quests)
  • Change of the daily limit for crack shards/crystals: the daily limit for crack shards was increased from 100 to 200. The daily limit for crack crystals has been increased from 50 to 100. Also: The reward for the [Crack] Mysterious Corridor Level 6 was increased from 50 to 100 crack crystals.
  • The raid "Scourge Mountains" now has a limit of eight players
Balance changes for units:
  • Frost- and Thunderbolt Bowman balance changes: all values and the range of Frost and Thunderbolt Bowman have been increased.
  • Division of tank units into different compatibility types and improvement of abilities + new defence abilities in order to withstand attacks from Infantry and two-handed weapons.
Balance changes of hero abilities#
Abilities of the Berserker:
  • Frenzied Sword: The first 6 hits of Frenzied Sword deal damage without triggering any attack moves. The first 6 hits of Frenzied Sword ignore the enemy's defense. The attack power of the first 6 hits of Frenzied Sword increases from 100% to 150%.
  • Iron Wall Stance: When Ironwall Stance is active, Hit is increased by 200. When Iron Wall Stance is active, agility is now increased by 400 (previously 200).
  • Mad Sword - Deadly Blow: The base damage of Deadly Strike has been increased to 1000% from 600%. The attack can no longer fail.
  • Mad Sword - Destroy: Magic Attack is increased from 500% to 700%
Elementalist abilities:
  • Fire Wall: Damage increased to 200% from 80%.
  • Thunder Dash: Now pushes back the enemy you hit. The closer the enemy is, the farther they are pushed back.
  • Thunder Dash, multiple and final hits: Thunder Dash - Continuation base damage increased to 400%. Thunder Dash - Vertical base damage increased to 550%. Now pushes back the enemy that has been hit. The closer the opponent is, the further he is pushed back.
  • Frozen Fence Tree: When using this ability, a defense effect is activated. The attack range has been increased. After using Frost Wall, you can right-click to activate Firm Rejection.
Ranger's abilities:
  • The damage from the Ranger's physical attack abilities has been increased by 20%.
  • Troops: When activating an ability, enemies within range will now be automatically attacked.
  • The text in the guild shop about the duration of an item will no longer overlap.
  • Players will now receive the rewards of defeat when a tie occurs.
  • When summoned pets are returned, allies can now receive the buff as usual.
  • The appearance of the white boar has now been unified, the bug has been fixed.
  • The effects of troop abilities are now displayed correctly.
  • Ice mages debuff stays forever in PvP
  • Game crash in Invasion: Defence and in the training coliseum
  • [Mounts] All mounts are labelled as horses
  • Empty Scourged mountain Lobby slots caused crash is fixed
  • Loca fixes
Your Kingdom Under Fire 2 Team
Kingdom Under Fire 2 - Kingdom Under Fire 2 Official

Bersians, ​it’s time to be creative! ​Take part in this Valentine‘s themed Fan Art Contest with works of art you’ve drawn and painted yourself. These artworks can be drawn by hand or created digitally on your tablet or PC. (We won’t accept screenshots.) ​Use all elements of Bersia to create a romantic setting in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Have your character, monsters or other NPCs interact with each other in anyway you can imagine, or surprise us with an idea of your very own!​
Here’s what you can win:
1st place:
  • Mount: Alpha Wolf
  • Ranking 1 Lucky Chest (Hero Growth)
2nd + 3rd place:
  • Mount: Alpha Wolf
  • Ranking 2 Lucky Chest (Hero Growth)​
4th + 5th place:
  • Ranking 3 Lucky Chest (Hero Growth)
​Note: The lucky chests contain items like, gold, potions, upgrade and crafting materials. ​[/*][/list]
Here’s how the Fan Art Contest works:
  • The contest runs from 13th February 2020 to 28th February 2020.
  • Your drawing may be hand-drawn or created digitally on your PC.
  • Screenshots are not allowed.
  • You may only submit your own work.
  • Several elements of KUF2 and a romantic scenery must be noticable
  • You must send your picture by email to Until 11:59 PM CET / 2:59 PM PST on 28th February at the latest – subject: “Fan Art Contest”.
  • Please provide your nickname and the server you play on.
  • The KUF2 Team will select 5 winners from all entries.​Please also note our Terms and Conditions.​The winning pictures will be published in the KUF2 forum, on our website and on our social media pages.We look forward to seeing your artwork and hope you have lots of fun!​The Kingdom Under Fire 2 Team
Kingdom Under Fire 2 - Kingdom Under Fire 2 Official

Are you ready for the upcoming content update "Grave of Time" in February 2020? Here’s what you can look forward to.

New Raid: Grave of Time

50 Level PVE Mission: Dimensional Test

New Items
  • 4 new Mounts
  • Heroic and Epic Equipment

Further changes
  • Increase of the gold reward
  • Change of the daily limit for crack shards/crystals
  • The raid "Scourge Mountains" now has a limit of eight players
  • Balance changes for Frost- and Thunderbolt Bowman and changes to the tank units
  • Balance changes of* hero abilities of the Berserker, the Elementalist abilities and the Ranger's abilities
  • Bugfixes

Your Kingdom Under Fire 2 Team
Kingdom Under Fire 2 - Kingdom Under Fire 2 Official

Troop Balancing Changes - Statement from developer Blueside
Q: Why are you nerfing the troops that you chose to nerf? Which strategy are you following with this? Which troops are being nerfed next?
A: Nerfs are a very sensitive part of balance control, which can cause loss to users, therefore we had to proceed with extra caution. For some troops, we applied bigger nerfs as explained below:

1. The Slaughterer
The Slaughterer had 10 times more damage than its stats. We've been trying to figure out if there's any solution while maintaining the current situation. However, if we had improved the other troops instead, the numerical difference would have been too high, resulting in the overall balance of the battle collapsing. Therefore, we've decided that nerfing the Slaughterer would be the best solution. And even now, the Slaughterer still has the highest DPS amongst the both-handed infantry.

2. Armour Beetle
The crouching skill of the Armour Beetle created many problems in certain raid missions, crack missions, etc. If you crouched in front of 1 to 2 troops, NPCs couldn't kill the Armour Beetle. Therefore, the rest of the troops were bound to be selected as long range with fire abilities. We had to nerf it because we couldn't fix it in the foreseeable future. We are fully aware that these nerfs make it more difficult to use these troops, and we keep exploring and testing ways to improve that part in other ways.

3. Mages
The skills of the mage troops deal strong damage to large-scale enemies. It is not easy to adjust the balance regarding other troops in that area. We have reduced the chance of having fatal strikes on the skills of the mages because they already basically have high damage.

In addition to that, we are also looking into and improving the balancing of buffs. We are constantly considering methods of increasing battle abilities of short-range infantry troops. We have already implemented such improvements for Troops like Executioner, Assassin, Sword Dancer and Ogre.
In the February Update we will apply buffs that cause the Tanker Infantry to have a higher survival rate and maximum physical strength depending on the type of shield. For the Frost Bowman and the Thunderbolt Bowman to become more elite troops, their distance range and close combat capabilities will be improved. Also, human-type elite troops will be improved overall.
We're monitoring the issue of the Scorpion causing too much damage and have changed the attack type of the shockwave to flame explosion type as the primary regulation. This will reduce damage to the mass multi-unit forces but will result in stronger damage to larger units.
We are also considering to enhance the usability of troops such as Close Infantry and Hand Cavalry.

Feedback on [16 Man Raid] bug and [Goblin Dungeon] bug
Q: Is Blueside working on the bugs and when can we, the community, expect a fix for this?
A: We are resolving the issues with the 16-man raid by changing it into an 8-man raid. This is currently being tested. The crashes that some players experience in the Goblin Dungeon will be fixed in the upcoming Content Update.

Sneak Peek: Content Update in February

• Gold Drop
A: As we have mentioned in the last community update, we have been working on a permanent solution for improving the gold drops in-game. We have now found some possibilities for this which will go live with the next content update. We will increase the drops for daily missions. You will also have the opportunity to earn more gold in existing quests and new quests which we will implement.

• Crack Shards Drop
A: We heard your feedback about the lack of Crack Shard drops and made changes to this as well coming with the new update. The daily limit of Crack Shards that you can earn in the missions will be doubled. You also get a bonus of Crack Crystals.

• Grave of Time – Raid 2
With this Content Update we will introduce the second big raid „Grave of Time“. You will be able to play in groups of 8 players against new powerful bosses. Additionally, we will decrease the participation number of Scourged Mountains from 16 to 8 players. This change will help finding other players for a party way easier.

In addition to the changes already mentioned, we will introduce new troops, a few feisty new mounts and exciting new PVE content. Of course, we will be applying several bugfixes as well. All details about the Content Update No. 3 will be shared soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders
Many of you have asked for „Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders“ in the past months and wished for a PC version of this classic. Great news! We are happy to announce that Blueside decided to release a PC version of The Crusaders on Steam this year. The publishing part does not lie with Gameforge this time but Blueside themselves. More details HERE.

Last but not least: Valentine’s Day is coming soon and therefore we are preparing an artsy community event for you. Stay tuned!
Kingdom Under Fire 2 - Kingdom Under Fire 2 Official

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is now better value than ever – all editions are 35% off during the Lunar Sale. Grab your favourite edition and dive straight into the epic RTS battles!
Kingdom Under Fire 2 - Kingdom Under Fire 2 Official
Hello Bersians,

we will have a maintenance today, 22.01., starting at 3 PM CET / 6 AM PST.
This maintenance is helping to fix stability issues.
During the down time the game services will not be available.
We will inform you once the maintenance is over.

Your Kingdom Under Fire 2 Team
Kingdom Under Fire 2 - Kingdom Under Fire 2 Official

Dear Bersians,
on Tuesday, 21.01.2020 we will have a maintenance starting at 09:00 AM CET / 12:00 AM PST.
The downtime will last for approximately 3 hours. During the down time the game services will not be available. We will inform you once the game server are back online.

Update No. 2: New Quests, Guild Battle, Items and More!
After the holiday season we’re back with the second content update for Kingdom Under Fire 2! With this update you can look forward to new quests, new PvP content, changes to existing content, a range of game improvements, and much more…!


Guild Battle: Stonehall Siege
In this new guild battle, guild members can register for a season-based 6vs6 team fight by opening the Guild tab in the PvP menu. One team must defend the crystal, while the attacking team’s objective is to destroy it. The team that successfully completes their task before the time runs out will be victorious!
Your participation will be rewarded with guild coins, which can be used to purchase items from a new Guild Store in Accolade.

Field of Blockade:
The new Field of Blockade allows you to join a 3vs3 fight while being accompanied by your three favourite troops. In order to win, you need to destroy the castle gate before your enemies do.

New Quests

New Crack Missions:
Levels 4-6 have been added to the new Crack missions. The change includes new challenging quests, new titles and mission rebalancing.

Unknown Corridor – Mission of the Day:
There’ll be a new single player mission waiting for you each day of the week! Only the bravest among you will be able to conquer these new grounds and complete the mission on high difficulty. Do you dare to enter the mission in hell mode?
But be warned heroes: if you or your troops die on the battlefield, you will not be able to use resurrections!

New Items

New Troop – Roserain Guardian:
This new troop will form your front lines and throw huge rocks at your enemies to disrupt their formations. These earth spirits have high physical defence and stamina. You can switch between close-range and long-distance modes by changing the troop’s posture (skill).

New Panda Mounts:
The Panda mount has found its way into Kingdom Under Fire 2 in two different versions. You’ll be able to receive the Panda mount as a Guild Battle Season reward, while the Decorated Panda, which sports a fashionable costume, will be available in the Diamond store.

Reset Entry Limits:
You can use ‘Reset Entry’ items to reset your entries to extreme and invasion missions. These items are available in the Cubic shop.

Other Changes
  • Added production of legendary equipment
  • Improved balancing of heroes, mage troops, ogre troops, armour beetle troops
  • Scourged Mountain: The amount of time it takes to operate the levers in phase 3 has been increased from 2 seconds to 5 seconds
  • Weekly attendance rewards have been updated and improved
  • Notifications when acquiring legendary items have been turned off
  • Localization improvements
  • Added an inactivity kick
  • Shop changes:
    o Added new troops to the Cubic shop
    o Troops that were dropped in Extreme/Invasion missions have been added to the Troop Coin and Guild Coin Shops
    o Added purchase option with Clash Coins and Crack Crystals
    o Reorganised the Cubic shop
  • Christmas Event ends
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an error which caused icons to disappear when the ‘depth index’ value between minimap objects exceeded a defined value.
  • Fixed the displayed information from ‘You’ve been blocked by EAC’ to read ‘You’ve been disconnected by EAC’.
  • Fixed the issue causing authentication timeouts.
  • Fixed the issue which allowed Elementalists to farm loot while AFK by adding a function to use a summoning dismiss skill when the status changes to ‘away’.
  • Fixed several causes of game crashes.
  • Fixed an error where the command queue didn’t work properly when clicking troop icons.
  • Fixed the issue where you couldn’t summon a mount directly after entering Accolade.
  • Fixed an issue where the ice mage debuff never expired in PvP.
  • Fixed an error where the ping system didn’t work properly on the minimap.
  • The new enchantment stones from the last patch had values on them which did not appear in the hero details; these have now been added.
  • Fixed the issue where the text box in the tooltip for Conscription Paper was too small. The item type display has been enlarged, and the font size adjusts automatically.
  • If a player wrote in the chat box while there was a dice roll possible, the game recognised the use of the hotkey for the dice roll, despite the user chatting.
  • Fixed the issue where Elementalists couldn’t acquire their own equipment in Extreme missions, while Berserkers/Rangers can now acquire their own equipment in level-up sessions.
  • The amount of dropped frames has been generally reduced.
  • Fixed the timeout issue in the Scourged Mountains raid. To prevent client crashes due to the network latency timeout, the entry time limit has been extended from 20 seconds to 80 seconds.
  • Fixed an error that single troops such as the Armoured Beetle and Scorpion rarely suffered from boss attacks.
  • Fixed resolution issues relating to how the game lobby was displayed in Rift, raid, PvP and normal missions.
Your Kingdom Under Fire 2 Team
Kingdom Under Fire 2 - Kingdom Under Fire 2 Official

Dear Bersians,

the past weeks were troubled. We are aware of the things that were not going well and we want to give you some information on the issues that have been most spoken about recently.

1. Gold Gain
You reported to us that it is difficult to obtain enough gold in the game. Therefore we have been discussing in detail about the gold gain and you can expect changes to it directly in-game. The gold boost we activated was planned as a temporary measure to compensate for the low gold availability as this is a solution we can activate by ourselves. Since we can’t adjust the gold gain in-game directly and need some more time, we decided to reactivate the 100% gold boost again for you today.

2. The 16 man raid
After receiving several reports we have investigated this issue further and narrowed down potential issues that can lead to crashes when creating a party for the 16 man raid. As soon as fixes for those issues are available we will apply them to the live servers.

3. Personal Loot (16 man raid)
We have discussed this topic with Blueside and the current behavior of personal loot is intended.

4. Legendary loot notification in game
We got several reports that the legendary loot notification disturbs the game experience. Therefore the notification will be deactivated with the upcoming patch.

5. NA server issues
The NA Server has been suffering from crashes and connection issues. We are very aware of this and constantly discussing this issue very closely with the developer. In the recent weeks, different measures to mitigate the problems have been tried but unfortunately, we are still experiencing problems. Be assured that this topic is of very high importance to us.
Possible solutions have been discussed again today and we will try everything to get this under control as soon as possible. We’d like to apologize for the inconveniences this has caused to you and therefore want to send you a gift box with some useful items and currency.

6. Compensation
Lastly, we have decided to send all of you a gift package to make up for the recent issues. Starting today, you can claim it in your System Mail through your mail box now. It contains the following items:

• 1x Selection Chest: Hero Troop Conscription Paper*
• 1x Selection Chest: Rare Troop Conscription Paper
• 1x Bundle Chest: Common Grindstone Chest (x10)
• 1x Bundle Chest: Fine Grindstone Chest (x10)
• 1x Coupon Chest
• 1x Potion Bundle
• 4x Gold Ingot (100k Gold)
• 5x Troop Strategy Book III

The compensation can be redeemed once per account. Please login until the 29.02.2020 (23:59 CET / 2:59 PM PST) to claim your items.

Your Kingdom Under Fire 2 Team

*It’s not displayed ingame but all troops in this chest are 3-star troops.You might see a Paladin but it’s a Crusader. This is a loca issue which will be fixed with the next update.

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