Geocells Tricells - Scott
Geocells Tricells version 1.0.1 is now available. Patch notes are as follows:

  • Updated the in-game tutorial (accessible via the ‘?’ button in the left side menu for each level)
  • Fixed a bug when loading save data for Profiles 2 and 3
  • Updated Challenge mode to be locked until Regular level 3-1 has been completed (Note: Challenge mode can still be unlocked via “Unlock all levels” in the Options menu)
  • Changed the computer mouse icon to be yellow (for better contrast)
  • Changed text on locked levels (on the level select screen) to be grey
Geocells Tricells - Scott
We are proud to announce that Geocells Tricells is now available for purchase.

Our thanks go out to the unnamed search and retrieval team who managed to locate the Geocells Tricells purchase button (previously stolen by a computer gremlin) and return it to its rightful home on the Geocells Tricells store page.

Additionally, many thanks to the Steam support team (the real heroes of this tale) for providing a prompt resolution in this matter.
Geocells Tricells - scottchinchen
We are proud to announce that Geocells Tricells has now been released... well, sort of released.

Unfortunately, shortly after launch a computer gremlin ran off with the purchase button from the store page, so the game is currently not available for sale. You may rest assured that we are investigating and will resolve this matter as promptly as possible to restore Geocells Tricells to its former purchasable glory.

Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.

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