GemCraft - Frostborn Wrath - *****
Hello Everyone,

Thank you for your support with both your purchases and your constructive comments! We are listening, taking notes, and thinking of ways to make GemCraft Frostborn Wrath the game you would enjoy playing more. On top of releasing several updates with bug fixes in the coming days, we plan to make changes to the difficulty of the game and getting all the important loot out of the Trial mode wizard stashes.
We see that right now the challenge aspect of the game is overwhelming, pushing the game towards being a "Dark Souls of TD", the goal is to make the game enjoyable if you want to feel the power and have the edge over the monsters, and make challenges optional, just like how the battle traits, early waves, and enraging mechanics work.
Trial mode will stay but it will be your choice if you want to take on an unforgiving and puzzling challenge; you can get to the end of the game and reign over the waves of Endurance without ever touching Trial mode.

GC Chasing Shadows got a mixed reception back then before all the tweaking, and we didn't walk the long path bringing you Frostborn Wrath to just leave it as a bag of frustration. Working on the game is not over, we'll carry on to make the game have much less errors and a quite different feel to it in a matter of days.

Three bug fix updates have came out in the first 9 hours of the game's online life, and more will arrive tomorrow, thank you again for all the feedback!

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