Estranged: Act II - Alan Edwardes
macOS Support
Estranged: Act II is now available on macOS, and I will try to keep it as up to date as possible with its Windows and Linux counterparts.

The addition of macOS as a supported platform for Act II helps realise one of my goals for the project: to make Estranged available to as many people as possible, on whichever platform they chose.

If you're interested in some of the technical challenges behind this work, you can read about how I automated the macOS build process (the same as I have for Windows and Linux) on my blog.

Content Work
In addition to the macOS build, I have been continuing the story of Estranged: Act II, and working to bring the story of Act II to a close.

If you'd like to try out the current ending, you can by opting-in to the Steam "development" beta version of Estranged: Act II, and using the cheat map TheBase#sp10.

I would like to thank you for your continued support of the Estranged project, and I hope you will play the next few updates, leading up to the release.

As ever, I am available to talk to directly on Discord at, or via the in-game feedback if you'd like to let me know what you think.

Thank you for playing Estranged!
Estranged: Act II - Alan Edwardes
Update 1.3.5 is now live on Steam for Windows and Linux, including French translations, and more content work for the Shooting Range arcade level!

This update should be compatible with old save files - this release serves as a test to ensure I can continue to add content post-release, and not break save files.

Shooting Range Updates

There have been a few updates to the shooting range, including access to all of the weapons in Act II, not only the pistol. The range also has a few added easter eggs for you to find!

French Translations
Act II is now translated to French! This unlocks the game for a lot of French-speaking players worldwide, which is something I am very excited about.

Background Work on New Content
I have been working on content to continue the current final level - but that's not ready to play just yet. Watch for future builds for more content!

As with every update, if you have ideas for features you'd like to see, let me know on the Steam Forums or

Thank you for playing!
Estranged: Act II - Alan Edwardes
There's a new update for Estranged: Act II on Steam for Windows (with Linux to follow soon), including continual work on the ending content, a re-work of the subtitle system to support captions and more!

More Ending Content
This update includes the next section of the current final level, with a glimpse of the aftermath in the level that follows. To jump to the new content, you can use the cheat map TheBase#sp10

Subtitle Improvements & Captions Support
The subtitle system has been re-worked to allow for "stacking" of subtitles, and support for captions (which can be enabled in the Sound menu).

The size and font of subtitles can also be changed in the new Interface menu if you find the default too large or small, or you have trouble reading the font.

Controller Button Re-Binding
The Controls menu has been split into a "Keyboard Bindings" and "Controller Bindings" menu, which supports the re-binding of controller buttons alongside keyboard and mouse buttons.

The subtitle re-work and controller button re-binding features were mainly aimed at making Act II accessible to all. If you have ideas for other improvements to make the play experience better for you, please let me know!

Vietnamese Translations
Act II now supports Vietnamese, thanks to a community contributor! This brings the total number of complete and partially complete languages supported up to 23! I would like to thank all of the translators in the community for their help with this - if you would like to help out, contact me on Discord!

Thank you for playing and shaping Estranged: Act II! If you'd like to submit feedback directly, join me and the rest of the community on Discord -


Update 21/10/2019: Patch 1.3.2 Released
I have pushed a patch to address the following issues:
  • Addresses issues with the Vietnamese translations
  • Allows the subtitle font to be updated live
  • Makes the hints respect the subtitle font selections
This patch is binary-compatible with the version released above, meaning your saved games will still work.
Estranged: Act II - Alan Edwardes
There's a new update for Estranged: Act II on Steam for Windows and Linux, including story and content work!

I have been working on the current final level, extending out the current ending with content and destruction sequences, and adding details to the prelude and chapter 3 office levels.

There's additional story included in Chapter 3 in the addition of a slide presentation, similar to Act I. Localisation work for this presentation will be coming soon.

The update also includes various bug fixes, graphical tweaks (including more realistic sky for Chapter 3) and some playability improvements.

I would like to thank everyone that has played and helped with development so far - the community has been pivotal in shaping the game, and finding bugs.

As I have said before, Act II is drawing to a close - so this and the next few updates will be critical in finishing off and polishing the game so it can come out of Early Access.

Thank you for your continued support! If you'd like to chat with me and other members of the community, please join us at

Estranged: Act II - Alan Edwardes
There's a new update for Estranged: Act II live on Steam for Windows, with Linux to follow in the next few days!

More Ending Content

The position of the credits in the current final level has moved, providing more story content to play. The summer break meant that I wasn't able to spend as much time contuining this content, however future updates will continue to flesh this part out.

Bullet Ricochet

Bullets now ricochet from hard surfaces such as metal, rock and concrete. This can be combined with bullets travelling through infected - so you could kill multiple infected using a single bullet shot at a certain angle at the floor or wall.


There are now local and global statistics available in Estranged: Act II. The tracking of these statistics started with the previous update, and include things such as "headshots", "bullets fired", "items flushed" and more.

The new statistics can be accessed via Extras -> Statistics.


That's it for this update! If you find bugs, have some ideas you'd like to see in Estranged, or just want to chat, head over to -- we just surpassed 500 members!

Thank you for playing Estranged!
Estranged: Act II - Alan Edwardes
There's an update live for Windows including Spanish translations, 4 new achievements and fixes for AMD-FX players!

New Achievements

There are now 4 new achievements in Estranged: Act II!


Previously there were a series of mysterious problems with Act II and AMD-FX CPUs, with no obvious cause. After spending a long time researching the subject, I found that it was related to the DirectX XAudio API with AMD-FX CPUs, and Estranged: Act II was not the only game suffering from the problem.

The short story is that the problem is now fixed, and the game now uses a different audio engine which doesn't go via XAudio!

Traduccion al Español (Spanish Translations)

¡Saludos desde Inglaterra! ¡El juego ahora está traducido al español, incluidos todos los menús, subtítulos, correos electrónicos y noticias!

¡Si quieres contribuir a mantener la traducción al día o hacer alguna corrección, ponte en contacto conmigo en !

As ever, thank you for playing Estranged! I'm always around on Discord, the forums, or via the in-game feedback if you'd like to suggest an idea or report bugs.
Estranged: Act II - Alan Edwardes
A new update is live on Steam for Windows, including Simplified Chinese language support.


The commentary option has returned to the Gameplay options menu, bringing with it a selection of strategically placed videos from the Estranged Development Blog series on YouTube.

中文翻译 (Simplified Chinese Translation)

该游戏现已翻译成简体中文,包括所有菜单,字幕,游戏内邮件和报纸!如果你想为简体中文的翻译做出贡献,请通过 跟我联系!

Music Improvements

The music in Estranged now follows you through the loading screens, and fades out instead of ending abruptly. This improves the overall flow of the game, and I'll be looking to make more improvements in this area in future updates.

New Language Menu

Estranged: Act II now supports 22 languages in total, with 10 of those languages 100% complete. The previous option for switching languages was in the Gameplay menu, but it used a side-scrolling control to switch between languages which made it difficult to do so. To improve this, there's now a dedicated options menu for picking a language.

That's all for this update. If you have any feedback, I'm always watching the forums, or I'm around at

Thank you for playing Estranged!
Estranged: Act II - Alan Edwardes
There's a new update on Steam for Windows! This update includes a new ending, and a complete Russian translation!

New Ending Scene

There's a new scene and more content at the end of the current build! This provides a glimpse at more of the story in Estranged: Act II.

This is a temporary ending that I teased in my last news update, and there is a bit more content planned after this point. To jump there directly, use the cheat "map TheBase#sp10".

Русские Переводы (Russian Translation)

Привет из Англии! Игра, включая меню, субтитры, электронные уведомления и газеты, теперь переведена на русский язык!

Перевод осуществлен переводчиками компании Gengo – если вы в дальнейшем хотите принять участие в переводе обновлений или предложить исправление ошибок, свяжитесь со мной:

Japanese and Czech Translations

The game has also almost completely been translated into Japanese and Czech by members of the community, with more languages on the way. My next focus will be Simplified Chinese, which represents the second most popular language on Steam (Russian being the third).

Thank you to everyone that has helped out with the project, and those that are following the progress. If you have any feedback, want to report a bug or just want to say, head over to

Thanks for playing Estranged!
Estranged: Act II - Alan Edwardes
There's a new update on Steam for Windows including two new achievements! A Linux build will follow in the next few hours.

Continued Content Work

This update is mainly to add some goodies to the game while I continue the current final level. Here's a sneak peak of what I'm working on - not yet available in the Steam version!

There have also been a couple of visual tweaks to the current final beach level. As I've said in previous posts, updates will be smaller in terms of content going forwards, as I work towards bringing Act II to a close.

Vending Machines

To add to the interactivity in the levels, vending machines now dispense bottles and cans!

Arque Water Achievement

The new vending machines include Arque branded water vending machines. This update adds an achievement for dispensing all of the Arque water bottles!

Headshot Achievement

There's also an achievement for getting at least 5 headshots with a firearm, in any gamemode. I'm looking to add a bunch more achievements in future updates, so watch this space!


Feedback is always appreciated - join the ever-growing community at

Thanks for playing Estranged!
Estranged: Act II - Alan Edwardes
There's a new build on Steam for Windows and Linux! This build includes graphical changes, gameplay changes and some general work on stability.

Forest and Beach Level Updates

There have been changes to the sky and sun/moon light in general, but specifically in the forest and beach areas the lighting and overall visual style has been overhauled.


The game now uses screen space reflections throughout, meaning that reflections look much crisper and update in real-time.

Pick-Up Physics Improvements

Previously, when picking up an object, it would be teleported, rather than moved using the physics engine.

This update brings physical simulation to held objects, so they interact with the world and other physics objects in a more robust manner. A side-effect of this is that they feel a little springier when held.

Flushable Toilets

Some (unfortunately not all!) toilets in Estranged are now flushable. This was a requested feature. I'm not kidding!

Other Changes
  • Adds -lowendmachine command line switch to force blocking on load (instead of background streaming of levels)
  • Adds a small loading indicator to the HUD to show when level streaming is happening
  • Replaces current loading screens with a spinner
  • Adds a splash screen on startup to replace the splash screen in the menu
  • Switches to the deferred shading pipeline - this allows more graphical features (like screen space reflections), but will perform worse on lower end hardware

As I've been saying for a while, I'm working on the final content for Act II, so updates may slow down while that happens. If you'd like to provide feedback, join the community at !


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