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Elite Dangerous is getting two major new features that bracket the spectrum of player experience. At one end, the September update will add a fully-voiced in-cockpit tutorial to the beginning of the game, while on the other, fleet carriers will arrive in December.

Starting with the first of those, the tutorial will give new pilots a reworked opening few hours in the game. An instructor from the Pilots Federation will guide new players through basic flight controls, scanning, supercruise, and navigation. There's a combat exercise, and finally an introduction to hyperspace and docking at a station.

Again, this tutorial will be fully voice acted, and that includes all of Elite Dangerous' supported languages. Players who have already begun their careers as Elite commanders will be able to access this tutorial via their cockpits' right-hand panel under "Training Section," so there's no need to start a new save.

In December, Frontier will be adding Fleet Carriers. These are huge ships that have sixteen landing pads: eight large, four medium, and four small. You'll be able to buy these things using (a large amount of) credits, and once you've got one you'll be able to let your friends land on them to refuel and refit.

Carriers can also be outfitted with several prefab loadouts depending on the role you want to take on. There are loadouts for bounty hunters, miners, search and rescue operations, and trading. They have a jump range of 500 light years, and will require a special fuel resource—which Frontier says we'll find out more about later.

Elite Dangerous - PaigeHarvey_FDEV
Hello everyone,

In a similar fashion to our Lavecon 2019 reveals, we wanted to give all of you who couldn't join us at our Gamescom Frontier Community Meet a rundown of all the details that just dropped... or should we say hauled in here by the aid of... a Fleet Carrier!

December Update - The FLEET CARRIER Update

The news you've been waiting for... Fleet Carriers.

Take a peek below at the initial details about Fleet Carriers, coming as the December Update.

  • Purchasable with a large amount of credits.
  • One Fleet Carrier per Commander. Available for base game and Horizons players.


Fleet Carriers have a total of 16 Landing Pads, composed of:
  • 8 Large
  • 4 Medium
  • 4 Small
  • Set permissions to allow others to dock at your Fleet Carrier.


All Fleet Carriers feature rearm, refuel and repair services.

Commanders can choose a number of loadouts for their Fleet Carrier, governing services/module and ship availability to support a number of different activities, such as:
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Mercenary
  • Pirate
  • Trader
  • Smuggler
  • Miner
  • Explorer
  • Search and Rescue

  • 500 LY jump range (per jump)
  • Schedule jumps from the Galaxy Map when you want and from wherever you are in the galaxy.
  • Commanders require a unique resource to fuel the Fleet Carrier in order for it to jump.
We'll be delving deeper into Fleet Carriers and all they can do in upcoming livestreams and forum posts later this year!

September Update

For those of you who have been stranded out in the black and somehow missed it, here's also a super-duper QUICK recap of the September Update.
  • This year's updates are focused on improving the starter experience for new commanders. We're adding a fully-voiced, in-game, in-ship tutorial, covering the basics of space flight, combat, traveling and scanning. Also, this experience is available in all of our in-game supported languages! Speaking of you veterans, you'll be able to access this from your right-hand panel at any time so you won't even need to wipe your save!
  • In addition, we'll be reworking and rebranding what some of you might know as Frontier Points, introducing them as Arx. These Arx will be purchasable and used to buy Game Extras such as Paint Jobs, Ship Kits, Bobbleheads and more. What's great about Arx is that you will be able to earn them in-game by... simply playing the game!
The September Update will be launched 18 September for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!

Fly safe, Commanders!
Elite Dangerous - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Corey Milne)

My fuel tank might be full, but I can t say the same for myself. Since leaving the galactic core with such high spirits, my energy levels have plummeted. The journey to the far edge of the Milky Way has become an isolated and grueling gauntlet of star jumps. Jumping from star to star, again and again and again – the repetitiveness is exhausting. I’m no longer even slowing for a cursory scan of a system. Now, I find myself in the Abyss. My galactic map is full of stars, but they are all too distant to reach. I’m so near the end, but with no clear path in sight, wondering if I have come so far only to fall at the final hurdle.

The Distant Worlds 2 expedition came to an end on the 13th June. It was a journey that took thousands of Elite Dangerous players five months to complete as they crossed the galaxy to the remote star system Beagle Point. Over 65,000 lightyears away from Sol, it s one of the most well-known destinations for any commander looking to earn their exploration stripes. Commanders like me.


Elite Dangerous - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Brendan Caldwell)

Woah. I was too distracted during the disgusting month of E3 to pay attention to what really matters: the space news. The Elite Dangerous expedition which saw 13,000 players set out to cross the galaxy in a long trip has finally ended after six months. Just over one quarter of those explorers touched down at Beagle Point last month, which is practically the furthest you can get from our own blazing sunball without leaving the known galaxy. A total of 3747 pilots made it, according to the organisers of the giganto-journey. However, this is a bittersweet moment, because thousands of other players bit the spacedust along the way.


Elite Dangerous - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Graham Smith)

Warframe wasn’t the only game to have a fan event this weekend. July 5th-7th was also Lavecon, Elite Dangerous‘s smaller fan gathering. To coincide, Frontier revealed details of their coming September and December updates. The former is introducing a new premium currency and a revised start for new players, while a trailer showed the latter’s fleet carrier ships for the first time.


Elite Dangerous

Later this year, you'll be able to park your little ship in a bigger ship in Elite Dangerous. At this year's Lavecon, a partly-Elite focused fan event in Northamptonshire, developer Frontier Developments teased the biggest stuff coming to Elite Dangerous for the rest of 2019: fleet carriers, better onboarding, and a rebranding of its premium currency on all platforms.

The most exciting bit are the fleet carriers, but they're also the farthest away. Nothing specific was revealed about their functionality, but you can watch the brief teaser above. Fleet carriers are planned for Elite's December update. Frontier had much more to share about the September update, like its rebranded premium currency, which will be called Arx. PC players currently purchase cosmetics directly from Frontier with regular money, but all future in-game purchases will happen with Arx.

As part of the change, Frontier is giving players new opportunities to earn Arx credits through normal play. "We won't ask commanders to change how they play, simply being an active player and engaging with the game is all that's required," the blog post reads. Cosmetics that were previously only available in bundles will also be purchasable on their own.

Frontier also has plans to better onboard new players to Elite. Since the game's launch, new players have been dropped into the open universe of Elite without much tutorialization. A separate training section has always been available to learn the ship controls and combat, but Frontier wants to integrate those lessons into the beginning of the game.

"With clearer instructions and guidance during the beginning of Elite Dangerous, we believe this will lead to a more engaging way to learn the basics and help commanders understand the tools they have at their disposal to become fully-fledged pilots," the blog post reads.

All of these changes are still pretty far away, but they seem to be positive step towards Elite's health, minus the annoyance of buying virtual currencies.

Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous is getting fleet carriers in December, Frontier has announced.

The developer unveiled the enormous spaceships in a teaser video, below.

That's it for fleet carriers for now - expect more in the near future, Frontier said.

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Elite Dangerous - BrettC Frontier

Hello Commanders,

The second Interstellar Initiative, The Enclave, begins July 4. Check out the post below for more information!

What are Interstellar Initiatives?

Interstellar Initiative are a series of in-game events and narratives that utilise our existing in-game systems, such as Community Goals and Scenarios, to provide narratives that, with the influence of Commanders, can have lasting effects on the galaxy!

Check out our second Incoming Transmission video to find out more about The Enclave.
Instead of individual posts throughout the course of the event, we'll be periodically updating this thread with details and updates as they develop.

Find more details here.
Elite Dangerous

While unscrupulous smugglers, bounty hunters and pirates might be welcome in Elite Dangerous, some rogues have been ruffling their fellow pilots' feathers by using hacks to augment their ships. Programs used to exploit the game aren't new to Elite, but members of the community have noticed a rise, with a recent Reddit thread highlighting a specific group that's been active since at least August 2018. 

Reddit user ryan_m17 claims that a private Discord has been distributing a trainer for the game that allows players to significantly enhance their ships and tweak any module. This gives players using it an obvious advantage in PvP, and while that means they can then be reported, the trainer is still apparently in use. 

The problem doesn't seem to be recent. One player told me that cheating has seen their guild numbers decline over the last couple of years, and while these invincible ships cause lots of issues in PvP, the hacks also interfere with the PvE background simulation. Some players say their groups lost systems to people using hacks or bots. It's a galactic threat, that affects multiplayer and singleplayer.

Frontier routinely bans reported players and investigates cheating, and a ticket was submitted to Frontier, along with an export of the Discord. But without feedback from Frontier, players aren't sure if these problems are being tackled. From their perspective, they're being ignored and the cheating continues. 

"We take activities of this nature seriously," a Frontier representative told me. "Our support teams are aware and investigating." A similar response was given to viewers of a recent livestream when the subject came up in chat.

The problem with acknowledging and discussing these things is that it draws attention to them, but it also means players are better able to look out for people exploiting the game.

Some players are calling for harsher punishments for cheating. Temporary bans to to solo followed by a permaban on the third strike is how Frontier deals with players chaught cheating, but even relegated to solo these hacks could still affect the game for other players.

"Even as a solo explorer, this affects you," DarthHM said. "Imagine getting to the far side of the galaxy and finding a system first discovered by some goober who can insta-jump anywhere. Perma ban to solo is not severe enough."

While players were no doubt hoping for more information, at least Frontier is looking into the issues. And it should go without saying, but using these hacks will probably cost you access to a big portion of the game.  

Elite Dangerous - BrettC Frontier
Greetings Commanders,

We have released an update for Elite Dangerous. April Update, Patch 1 is a minor update containing fixes and improvements.

Commodities Market
  • Stopped allowing players to attempt to buy more goods from a market than it can actually supply
  • Increased the acceleration when choosing the quantity of commodity when buying or selling
  • The sell pop up now defaults to max amount of the chosen commodity you're carrying
  • If the player is currently docked at the station that is also set as the saved comparison market, the comparison column and its header will update and use the galactic average prices to calculate the profits
  • If the player doesn't have Horizons, planetary surface markets are not considered when looking for best prices in the 'also consumed by' / 'produced by' lists
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using the FSS mode
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when exiting the game
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when sat in a dock
Damage Balancing
  • Fixed issue that caused more damage to be applied to SRVs when in multiplayer sessions
  • Reverted changes made to the Drag Munitions special in the initial April Update release
  • Fix new Codex discovery notifications not displaying in the cockpit UI when proximity scanning or using the discovery scanner's system scan to discover all stars in a system
Galaxy Map
  • Added a background to the control key along the bottom of the screen, to increase readability whilst in lighter areas of the map
  • Added in a decrease button when removing cargo from your ship, even when at 1, so that players can quickly select the maximum amount they hold
Knowledge Base
  • Fixed missing non-English VO for knowledge base articles
Main Menu
  • Fixed inconsistencies in options order between main menu and pause menu
  • Fixed the module tab not updating in real time when modules have been shut down due to power usage
  • Stopped module priorities being reset to 1 during FSD transitions
  • Stopped the Shield Generator module from turning back on (when deactivated) during FSD transitions
  • Removed the synthesis recipe that was being mistakenly applied to the Enforcer Cannon
  • Fixed an issue where Enforcer Cannons would erroneously report that they could carry more ammo than they could
Navigation Panel
  • Increased the font size for the remaining number of jumps
  • Fixed missing 'clear filter' option from the SRV
  • Bookmarked locations will now have an icon to show it's marked
  • Selection UI will now stop at the top and bottom of the list of locations, whilst scrolling through them. A subsequent press of the button will then wrap around to the top/bottom.
  • Added text to explain if a stellar body requires a permit
  • Fixed the frame rate loss when the 'FX' graphical setting was set to anything other than 'off'
Pilots' Federation District
  • Added system descriptions to the galaxy map
Pilot's Handbook
  • Fixed various typos and formatting issues
  • Added links from the mission detail screen to relevant handbook articles
  • Added an 'Exit' button which will quit out of the Codex completely, rather than go back one page
Player Journal

  • Include BodyName and radius in Status.json file, when in SRV
  • Fixed a bug in the ship loadout info after swapping modules

Starport Services
  • 'Re-stock all' option now works correctly
Supercruise Assist
  • Fixed the keybinding for toggling orbit lines on/off not working whilst Supercruise Assist is active
  • Fixed an issue that caused the 'target obscured' message to not appear when a Nav Beacon was obscured by a star
  • Stopped prompts appearing whilst in FSS mode
Server Fixes
  • Re-enabled Codex discoveries for terraformable and non-terraformable ammonia worlds
  • Implemented an automatic disconnect when a player is removed from a private group they're currently flying in
  • Fixed ellipsis character on the main menu news in Russian
  • Fixed faction reputation and career rank changes from completing objectives at installations, megaships and Conflict Zones
Server fixes released since April Update launched
  • Fixed a number of causes for unable to load Commander data from the main menu
  • Tiana Fortune's medium and large landing pads should now be usable again
  • Fixed the Galaxy Map's planet port commodity filter
  • Fixed a number of performance & stability issues

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