Oct 10, 2018
EW/WE - datetime1991
We've been gone a long time, but that doesn't mean that nothing happens.
At the moment, we're working on another interesting project, radically different from EW/WE, but no less strange.
Support for EW / WE will continue, we plan to add achievements in the next update, but no other major changes are expected in the near future.

"Hardcore" mode will be added when the "hardcore" mode is over in real life. But you're not gonna like him, buddy.

It's good to have you trapped here forever, so the only way is waiting!

Aug 17, 2018
EW/WE - datetime1991
Now the game will be saved in control points, so than you can take a break.

Also added a mouse sensitivity setting and fixed minor bugs.
EW/WE - datetime1991
I received a significant number of complaints about the unnecessary difficulty of some stage of the game. Many players spent a lot of time to pass this level, which negatively affected the tense atmosphere of the game and the final impression.

This update makes this part of the game faster and more playable.

Don't give up.
Aug 13, 2018
EW/WE - datetime1991
Some fixes for prevoius fixes, and some new fixes for old unfixed issues.

Stay fixed.
EW/WE - datetime1991
Added brightness adjustment, now you can adjust your image so that the game is not too dark. If you have previously encountered an ending in which the player was in complete darkness and nothing happened, now that the brightness is set correctly, you can pass this place.

Also fixed issues with mouse acceleration at low frame rate.

Don't let us down, buddy!

Aug 10, 2018
EW/WE - datetime1991
I found that some players had issues with the brightness in the game. It might look like you're stuck in the dark, but in fact you just don't see anything around you. This is not the end of the game.

The following patch will solve this problem and fix some minor bugs.

See you, captive.
EW/WE - datetime1991
Some bug fixes and minor changes for more smooth gameplay.
Stay tuned.

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