Dec 10, 2019
DEAD - x0KingKiller0x
The Bow Duplicating bug has been fixed.
Stone Arrow not fire-ring has been fixed.
Wooden Spike gate has been fixed.
Crafting table slots not saving has been fixed.
Player Punch sound effects has been fixed.
player using weapon to attack sound effects has been fixed.

Dec 8, 2019
DEAD - x0KingKiller0x
i have added a load more content.

Some of the content is from the single player and some will have seen it before.

  1. Crafting table
  2. Wood Foundation
  3. Wood Wall
  4. Wood Roof
  5. Wood Ramp
  6. Wood Window
  7. Wood Doorframe
  8. Wood Door
  9. Wooden Bow
  10. Stone Arrow
  11. Wooden Water Tank
  12. Drying Rack
  13. Rope
  14. Health Drink
  15. Stamina Drink
  16. Forge
  17. Leather

There is also new content

Massive wooden spike walls with gates you can now build around your base to protect you and your friends.

  1. Wooden Spike Gateway
  2. Wooden Spike Gate
  3. Wooden Spike Wall


  1. Ramps now snap to roof tiles
  2. Ramps now snap to bottom of another ramp
  3. Player user name will be allocated to the build items so random people cant spawn at your bed i am going to be implementing this to all items

  1. The Big Fatal Error when Joining the Server HAS BEEN FIXED (i am very sorry that happen i only found out about it two days ago)
  2. Tamed Stag harvesting ferns will no longer spawn last harvested resource

Other News

I am putting the game on a winter discount sale for Xmas This will be at 40% off for 2 weeks. Starting 19th i think.

Like Always join my discord to be up to date with the very lastest news and that is always the best way to contact me for bug that you find on the game and of cause you input and ideas you would like to put forward for the game DEAD.

Many thanks.
Nov 30, 2019
DEAD - x0KingKiller0x
I have been updating DEAD loads!

I have not been making announcements every time i update, as some updates are very small. It has been awhile since i made an announcement, so this one is just quick one to keep everyone in the loop.

There is still mayor work going into the game every day. The content is at about 25% with the multiplayer conversion. server is up and health, people are starting to build bases on the server and tame creatures. So hurry to catch the rush.

There has been lots of bug fixes, Plus more of content added.
There is a character selection and player account System now.

I will be giving out 25 FREE steam keys this month to People who would be interested in helping getting the word out about DEAD by Steaming/YouTube. If you are one of the guys join the discord and DM me. If you would like to keep more up to date on any changes or have your own input to the game then please do join the discord server
Oct 29, 2019
DEAD - x0KingKiller0x
Bug Fixes

  1. Host Hearing Client Sounds.
  2. Weapon Not un-equipping has been fixed.
  3. You can no longer end up holding two weapons.
  4. You can no longer change weapon while swimming.
  5. While Swimming weapon no longer floats above head.
  6. After opening barrel loot the inventory slots now disappears property and no longer overlaps craft items.
  7. Campfire has been changed so that only owner can Turn on or off. (might change this at some point.)
  8. Dragging item from campfire inventory to your own has now been fixed.
  9. Changes have been made to the stamina you should no longer be able to keep sprinting with 0 stamina.
  10. Client can now hear the creatures with directional hearing.
  11. Plus some other optimizations.

Content Added

Taming is half complete right now, but will be finished soon and will be in the following update after this one.

Male Deer (Stag) has been added back into the game. This Creature will run from you not attack.

Sorry there wasn't as much added today time was again me tonight.
Oct 27, 2019
DEAD - x0KingKiller0x
Patch Notes For Version 3.1

Single Player:

  • Loading Screen Removed For now.
  • Quit Button is now working.
  • Text above player is now hidden on owning player.
  • Swimming now shows correct player in third person view.


  • Server Ping has now been fixed.
  • Text above player as been hidden on owning player.
  • Pick-Axe duplicating has been fixed.
  • On death the central and north sapwn buttons have been grayed out for now.
  • No longer able to learn small storge box with out the correct engram points.
  • Drinking from water is now fixed.
  • Eating food is now fixed.
  • Rubber banding while swimming has now been fixed.
  • Use the Esc button to close engram menu now fixed.
  • Text above player will now show steam name instead of the work 'TEXT' (only other player will be able to see this.

Oct 26, 2019
DEAD - x0KingKiller0x
I have got some basic Features running and one server up.

For those that have already played the game, you will notice that there has been a lot of the content removed. This is a temporary measure as i work my way though the game, adding it all back in bit by bit converting it all over to multiplayer.
For those that decide to get the game now, please bare in mind you are only seeing about 30% of the current game. and that More content will be added very quickly.

So far what you are able to do;

  • Find other plays in the map.
  • Build together.
  • Share inventory items.
  • Help each other gather resources for Crafting items.
  • Hunt enemy creatures.
  • Kill other players.
  • Swim.
  • Die from hunger or thirst.
  • Dying will drop your current inventory.
  • Your dropped inventory can be looted.
  • You level and stats will be saved when you leave the server.

This is the first update so there will be problems. I need the help from the community to fix them. Please get in touch! We have a discord channel and tell me what doesn't work. I will be doing patches on a regular basic to fix the bug as well as adding back in the content.

TAMING and TEAM Creating is not yet implemented. However i am working on that now and will be in the next update.

Aug 28, 2019
DEAD - x0KingKiller0x

  • Hunter Creature now does knock back.
  • Tames now take damage while riding them.
  • Stag new special attack is to rest and heal ( need to complete the rest to gain the hp).
  • Tame stats now show in HUD.
  • Tame take damage blood shows on screen.
Aug 27, 2019
DEAD - x0KingKiller0x
After Patch 2.0 You will have to start a new game as i have changed the the player stats save and load.

Sorry for the inconvenience!
Aug 27, 2019
DEAD - x0KingKiller0x
  • Small patch to fix some saving issues and player not sitting down on tames
  • Also Current stats amounts are saved
Aug 27, 2019
DEAD - x0KingKiller0x

There was a issue with structures and items duplicating on load game. I have solved the problem but this means that you will have to restart or pick up all the items (Continue To Click Pick up un-till all the items have gone which will give you them into your inventory but this is a pain and takes a long time). You must do one or you will start to experience lag when you continue building on your base at some point.

Story Mode

  • Episode 1 has been add. This is two cut scenes showing two characters going to the island. This tells you a bit more about why you are there and why you are surviving.

  • The characters now have clothes on that they will persist though out the game instead of the player crafting clothes.

  • Tutorial is also part the the story mode at the beginning. This will help you understand how to learn craft items and the inventory interface.

Added Items

Metal Knife
Stone Well ( This has no inventory yet )
Small Wood Storage Box
Level up Sound


Day And Night Cycle
Rain SFX Volume
Rain Duration
Thirst Drain
Texture to Thatch
Character Names
Character Clothes
Knife Attack Animation
You can now Open Stag Inventory Without Riding ( Press E )

Bug Fixes

  • Split Stack while Riding Deer Stag

  • Wood Water Tank Is now filling up with water when it rains. This will give you 3 full refills of thirst.

  • Forge Inventory has been fixed you can now put your items in the slot. You can melt Raw Metal to Metal Ingots and melt Skin down to Oil.

  • Campfire Fire Light has been changed so it doesn't go out when you are not looking at the fire.

  • Foundation placing will de-spawn all foliage around them. This will also stop foliage spawning back into your base on load game.

  • Placing Build items Has been changed so they are easier to place down. build item can now only be placed on landscape, Foundations and Roofs.

  • Building System in general has had a lot of updates to make building more smooth for the player.

  • Camera Clipping has been turn off.

Pick Up items that have been added to the list

  • Wood Water Tank
  • Crafting Table
  • Drying Rack
  • Straw Bed
  • Forge

  • Thatch Foundations
  • Thatch Walls
  • Thatch Doorways
  • Thatch Roofs
  • Thatch Ramps
  • Thatch Windows

  • Wood Foundations
  • Wood Walls
  • Wood Doorways
  • Wood Roofs
  • Wood Ramps
  • Wood Windows

  • Stone Foundation
  • Stone Walls
  • Stone Doorways
  • Stone Roofs
  • Stone Ramps
  • Stone Windows

  • Metal Foundations
  • Metal Walls
  • Metal Doorways
  • Metal Roofs
  • Metal Ramps
  • Metal Windows


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