Manga Maker Comipo - Degica Dev
We are happy to announce the Steam version of Manga Make ComiPo! is now available in Chinese.

To change language open the property menu from your steam library, and select Simplified Chinese on the language tab.

Chinese and English versions on Steam are fully compatible.

We hope you enjoy making short and fun manga!
Manga Maker Comipo - Degica Dev
Update content

  • Fixing the backup file problem that would crash ComiPO! on start after an interruption renders the backup file unusable.

  • "Copy Transparent-image" now copy a higher quality image.

  • "Import User Image" or paste of an image from another application now support image up to 4096x4096 pixel without resizing them down automatically. (was 2048x2048)
Manga Maker Comipo - Degica Dev
Latest clothing DLC is now available on Steam:

This DLC includes new clothes to add variations to your school stories, and a few bonus pattern for more varied settings (army ...)

Manga Maker Comipo - Degica Dev
We're happy to bring you another major update to ComiPo!
ComiPo! is now update to V 3.21.01.

With the introduction of 64bit support, this is the final update for the 32bit version of ComiPo! as further updates will depends on the software being used in 64bit.

The 32bit version will stay available, but not benefit from further updates.

Update Content
NEW: 64bit version optimization
  • You can now create up to 64 pages at once
  • You can now import up to 4000 custom user 3D data
  • Program response should be slightly faster
  • Error due to too little memory should not happen anymore
*If your system support 64bit, the 64bit version of ComiPo! will automatically be launched. If it does not, the 32bit version will be launched instead.

NEW: Rounded Panel added to Panel Shape

NEW: Additional 3D items
  • 「33.Vehicle_2」: 25 New 「Bicycle」and「Bike Helmet」
  • 「42.Bird_2」: 14 New「Rooster」 and 「Hen」

UPDATE: Change Item function has been modified as follow
  • The target has now been separated into 「Additional Parts for Body」 and 「Additional Parts for Head」
  • 「Shoes」 Can be removed and color changes
  • 「Bicycle」 have been added to Chair category
  • Preset Item can now be used for all 「Head Item」
  • Item Size can now be changed in increments of 0.5

NEW: Save Only Selected Pages As has been added to the File menu, letting you save the pages you select as a different comic file.

UPDATE: The cpd Comic file format has been extended
cpd files will now include all the User images, letting you transfer and open them on a different computer without having to manually transfer those images too.

NEW: New function 「Emphasize 3D Edge Outline」
「Emphasize 3D Edge Outline」 option has been added to「Export Image File」, 「Export Movie File」 and 「Print」which lets you make the #D Edge outline stronger.

NEW: Switch Vertical and Horizontal writing key
You can now change writing direction in a balloon layer or text layer by using the H (horizontal) and V (vertical) keys.
Mar 27, 2018
Manga Maker Comipo - Degica Dev
We're happy to announce that ComiPo! was updated today to version 3.11.01.

Update content:

NEW: Additional Comic marks and Item Images
- Added 58 new Comic marks to the categories below:
+ 16 new marks in the '51.Icon' category.
+ 41 new marks in the '53.PC & Smartphone' category.
+ 'Kiss_001' in the '39.Misc' category.

- Added 3 new Item Images to the category below:
+ 3 'Incident Light' items in the '15.Light & Shadow' category.

NEW: Additional Page Templates
- Added 35 new page templates.

NEW feature: "Head Position" slider added to the "Change Pose" dialog
- You can move the character's head up and down.

- Improvement to numeric input of layer property.
- Improvement to 'Filter' dialog.

- "Comic Tweet" feature had to be removed due to changes to the Twitter API specification.

Plus a number of minor fixes.

Edit: Ver.3.11.02 which fixes the panel button glitch is now live.
Nov 6, 2017
Manga Maker Comipo - Degica Dev
Once again, we are happy to announce the following update and additions to everyone's favorite ComiPo!

Update Details

## Added "Mouth Transformation" functions to "Change Face" dialog

The following settings are possible:
+ Mouth Position
+ Mouth Width
+ Mouth Height

## Added "Bonus Items" as preset assets

- Added "Bonus Items Vol.1 - 14" as preset assets.
- Added the following new Bonus Items:
+ Vol.15 "Sheep" adds the cute sheeps Yochan and Uchan to Animal_5

+ Vol.16 "Monkey" adds the facetious Sarunosuke to Animal_6

## Added "Pose snap assets"

Added 79 new snap assets in the following categories:
+ [Pose] - Action
+ [Pose] - Chair
+ [Pose] - Gesture
+ [Pose] - Sitting
+ [Pose] - Stand

## Improved "Change Pose" dialog

- Gave the name to poses.
- Added "Pose Search" function.

## Added "Operation Guide" function

When the mouse pointer is over the layer, guide message
about the point will be displayed on the status bar.
Mar 5, 2017
Manga Maker Comipo - Jake_Degica
We are very excited to announce the latest update to ComiPo!

■ Added a "2D Transformation" function
Two new functions will be added in 2D Image Layer:
- Perspective Transformation
Tilt diagonally in 3D. This function generates a sense of depth.

- Vertex Transformation
An image can be modified by moving 4 vertices.

■ Added a "Panel Shape" setting
The shape of a panel can now be changed to the following:
- Rectangle
- Ellipse
- Triangle
- Sloped panel (You can also change the angle of the oblique side)

■ Shape/Tail of a balloon
Two new shapes:
- Capsule
- Rounded Rectangle 1
New tail modifications:
- Curve Left
- Curve Right

■ Other additional functions and improvements
- In "Import User Image", you will now be able to select or create a Category at the time of the Import.
* In "Preference" on the "Edit function" page, you can now revert to the previous state
- In the "Change Parts" dialog, when you click on the the label of "X" and "Y" as well as "Z" you will now be able to reset the slider.
- The "Fit to 90 degrees" feature has been added to the "Layer" and “Context” menus
- On the "Edit Screen" page under “Preference”, you can now change the font size of the "Text Edit" dialog
- “Square” button was added for the "Size" setting in the "Numerical Setting" dialog
- The maximum number of characters for a "Text layer" has been increased to about 2000 characters.
-The amount of memory required to edit on your PC has been reduced.

■ Various bug fixes, optimizations, and improvements.
Manga Maker Comipo - Degica Dev
Today's update brings you Umada-kun the Horse for your bucolic stories.

Manga Maker Comipo - RM Dev
"Change Skin Color" functionality added

You can change characters’ skin color by performing Change Skin Color in the Layer Properties of a 3D Character or from the Contents Menu.
This function changes colors detected as skin tones, so unforeseen areas (clothes, hair, eyes, etc) may also be affected. “Adjust Changing Area” can refine the affected area somewhat but there is a limit.
You can set the default Skin Color in the Preference dialogue.

"Export Movie File" functionality added

Easily create an animated GIF or AVI video file from a frame or page in your comic.

"Comic Tweet" animated GIF support

Tweet an animated GIF of a frame from your comic.

Clothing color variations added

Added 7 colors for girls and 3 for boys to Summer Uniform
Added 5 colors for girls and 5 for boys to Sportswear
Added 6 colors for girls to Swimwear
Added 6 kinds of shoes to Sportswear

Background images added

Added 17 images to 11.Sky and Weather
Added one image to 12.Night Sky

These images were provided courtesy of Fuuka Kaminaga (Twitter @kaminagahuuka).

Comic Marks added

Added 17 marks to 21.Arrow & Finger
Added 22 marks to 51.Icon

Item Images added

Added one image to 03.Disappointment
Added 2 images to 11.Sky & Weather
Added 4 images to 15.Light & Shadow
Added 22 images to 95.Figure

"Copy Transparent-image" functionality added

Copy Transparent-image allows you to copy and paste to and from other supported applications that support transparency. Supported applications include Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and GIMP.

Effect Line Setting added

Using the “Effect Line Setting” option from an Effect Line’s properties allows you to change its appearance.
In addition, 11 “Effect Line Balloons” have been added to Preset Snap.

Various minor bugs corrected
Manga Maker Comipo - RM Dev
Today, kids join the fun with clothes for sporting events and other stories:

or in their best clothes for something a little more formal:

To celebrate, a week-long sale includes all older Comipo! products at 50% off!

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