Adventureland XL - feedback
The game will run in blind accessibility mode automatically now if a screen reader such as NVDA is detected.

Numerous database fixes have also been implemented over the last month and many background pictures added.

Adventureland XL - feedback
1) Forest was intentionally made a bit more confusing for new games (currently saved games are not changed).

2) Created more ways to invoke the Hint system and mention of it is made via the Help command.

3) "Raise Arms" fixed.

4) Edited parser to treat "Bunyon" as "Bunyan".

5) New Game message updated to inform players that they don't have to start over.
Adventureland XL - feedback
Thank you for wanting to help us make the game the best it can be.

Known Bugs / Features still to be added:

1) S-mode (aka Suggestion Mode) in XL section (works in base game, just type "hint")

2) Final Scenes. The Xl section is complete but the Finale is not.

3) Voice overs not implmented yet, also Blind Accesibility mode will need the voice overs so its not turned on either yet.

4) Music and sound effects (we have some great tracks but not yet integrated into the game)

5) Artwork (only a very few background images are in)

6) Narrative between the end of the base game and the start of the XL section (currently just a placeholder)

7) No autohints but the help system in base game is left as it was originaly.

8) Base game room descriptions to be flushed out a bit.

9) Steam achievements not yet implemented.

10) Compass button not operational.

Feel free to add your bugs to the Game Bugs Forum of Steam Discussions

Beta Tester Instructions

1) Game is running in debug mode.

At the completion of a play session it will email the player's trace file back to Clopas for analysis.

You may shut this off by typing `debug game` and it will respond debug mode is off (this disables the auto emailing).

2) As the game updates in the future we will try and not break your save game.

We will do our best to prevent this but it may have to occur. The game will inform you at the start if a save game reset is being done.

3) You can't lose! Unlike the original, mistakes can be corrected.

See if you can figure out how! There is NO need to start over!

4) You may put a note in the trace file that we will see.
Put an * at the start of the line and rest of the input will be treated as a comment to us.

5) You may give us your email address using the * command
but responses are not promised.

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