Experiment 001
Micro Trailers

What if you could absorb every game on Steam in just moments?

Hundreds of new games launch on Steam every month. Are you missing something? What are you missing? This type of anxiety can be maddening! What if you could absorb a couple dozen RPGs or a hundred of the latest titles over your lunch break? Here's our attempt to offer just that, in multiple flavors.

Classic Micro Trailers

Click a category, then hover your mouse over a game to set its trailer in motion:

Play an Entire Row

Crave more on-screen action than just one micro trailer at a time? Hover your mouse over a row and the whole thing will start playing:

Scroll to Play

This will automatically play videos as you scroll down the page:

The Big Quad Videos

Here, each micro trailer is a big 2x2 grid of smaller clips taken from various points in the original trailer:

What Else?

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