Holds a random item from the Elver Map Bundle.

Contains one of the following 18 items:
Beanie Hat
Elver Jacket Shirt
Elver Pantaloons Pants
Elver Sedan Skin
Fur Hood Vest
Laser Dragonfang Skin
Motorcyclist Helmet Hat
Professional Fishing Vest
Propeller Hat
Raccoon Hat
Runic Canned Beans Skin
Runic Machete Skin
Pistonpack Backpack
Respirator Mask
Tank Cannon Hat
Wolf Hat
Beast Wings Backpack
Virtual Goggles Glasses
or, very rarely, a Mythical Variant!

Potential Mythical effects:
Atomic, Blossoming, Burning, Confetti, Cosmic, Cryptic Runes, Crystal Shards, Decked Out, Enchanted, Energized, Fire Dragon, Freezing, Glitched, Glowing, Ice Dragon, Lovely, Lucky Coins, Melting, Musical, Party, Pyrotechnic, Radioactive, Sky Lantern, Soul Shattered or Wealthy

Potential bonus items:
Crafting Materials, Player Kills Counter, Total Kills Counter or Zero Kelvin Weapon Kit

Does not require a key to open.
When opened this will be consumed.
標籤: 可交易
  • 一週內不可用於交易
  • 此物品依據 Steam 退款政策,屬於「遊戲內物品」