Holds a random item from the Easter Island Map Bundle.

Contains one of the following 15 items:
Diving Helmet [Mask]
Explorer Gear [Vest]
Explorer Pith Helmet [Hat]
Feather Crown [Hat]
Fishbowl [Mask]
King Crab [Hat]
Makemake Veil [Mask]
Moai Head [Mask]
Stormbrand Armor [Vest]
Stormbrand Mask
Acoustic Guitar [Backpack]
Edible Arrangement [Hat]
Tribal Spear Pool Cue [Skin]
Shark Tooth Necklace [Vest]
Tribal Markings [Shirt]
or, very rarely, a Mythical Variant!

Potential Mythical effects:
Atomic, Bananza, Blossoming, Burning, Confetti, Cosmic, Energized, Fire Dragon, Freezing, Glitched, Glowing, High Tide, Ice Dragon, Lovely, Lucky Coins, Melting, Musical, Party, Pyrotechnic, Radioactive, Sky Lantern or Wealthy

Potential bonus items:
Crafting Materials, Player Kills Counter, Total Kills Counter or Zero Kelvin Weapon Kit

Does not require a key to open.
When opened this will be consumed.
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Tags: Tradable
After purchase, this item:
  • will not be tradable for one week
  • this item is considered an "in-game item" for the purposes of the Steam Refund offer