Does not require a key to open.

Contains one of the following:
Athena's Shield
Kratos' Pauldron
Pegasus Horn
Hermes' Helmet
Toga Top
Olive Leaf Crown
Medusa's Hair
Minotaur Horns
Warhammer Sledgehammer
Corinthian Helmet

Pegasus Wings
Gold Fleece Cape
Zeus' Hair
Graced Devil's Bane
Graced Nightraider
Asclepius Staff

Artemis' Compound Bow
Poseidon's Pitchfork
Graced Swissgewehr

or a Super Rare Mythical Item!

When opened this will be consumed.
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Tags: Tradable
After purchase, this item:
  • will not be tradable for one week
  • this item is considered an "in-game item" for the purposes of the Steam Refund offer