Does not require a key to open.

Contains one of the following:
Red Hawaii Tee
Blue Hawaii Tee
Camo Tourist Hat
Rose Tinted Glasses
Happy Tiki Mask
Angry Tiki Mask
Grass Skirt
Kukui Nuts
Ducky Life Preserver
Shark Fin
Spotted Kryzkarek
Obsidian Machete

Hawaii Seaside Compound Bow

Lavaflow Heartbreaker
Lavaflow Grizzly
Lavaflow Peacemaker
Lavaflow Honeybadger

or a Super Rare Mythical Item!

When opened this will be consumed.
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Tags: Tradable
After purchase, this item:
  • will not be tradable for one week
  • this item is considered an "in-game item" for the purposes of the Steam Refund offer