Minotaur Sep 5, 2019
An adventure game with visual novel-style narrative, Minotaur tells a dark mystery story set in a newly created science fantasy world of synthets, magic-wielding androids and cybernetically enhanced penguins… God, what a (bloody) mess.
Dicey Dungeons Aug 13, 2019
Fighting against fortune would be a lot easier if you weren't a walking dice.
Clocker Feb 14, 2019
The world has been swallowed into the grey void of time and space. The only key to the winding puzzle - a time-controling pocket-watch - lies in the hands of a clockmaker Father. Powerful and otherwordly, the watch creates a mysterious barrier between the Father and his estranged Daughter.
A Dance of Fire and Ice Jan 24, 2019
A Dance of Fire and Ice is a strict rhythm game. Keep your focus as you guide two orbiting planets along a winding path without breaking their perfect equilibrium.
ECHOPLEX Mar 15, 2018
ECHOPLEX is a time-bending puzzle platformer with a full-motion video story. Trapped in a mysterious looping simulation, you are followed by an “Echo” -- a duplicate of yourself who repeats everything you do.
Rush Rover Nov 29, 2017
Rush Rover is a 2D top-down shooter game. Compared to other similar games of the genre, the shooting experience is closer to traditional shoot'em up games. It includes random map generation, unique weapons, lots of different enemies, exciting boss battles and a dynamic chiptune soundtrack.
昔:Yesterday Aug 23, 2017
It's a 3D Puzzle Game talking about the philosophy of love and encounter from female's perspective. All we experienced in countless “yesterday” make us be ourselves today. Beautiful visual performance and intriguing music immerse players in this fantasy world soon, where dreams mix with reality,...
Draw Puzzle 画之谜 Aug 4, 2017
Draw puzzle is a casual puzzle game that is relaxing and challenging. Solving the puzzle by connecting squares with the same color and number to unlock pixel art.
64.0 Mar 16, 2017
64.0 is a minimal fast-paced arcade game, where you shoot the squares that have the same color as the background.
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拯救大魔王2 Rescue the Great Demon 2 Nov 18, 2016
Sino was controlled by human. Human made the rules, and annihilated every race that opposed them. Every race on this continent became slaves, except human.Demons had been enslaved for 80 years since their leader, the Great Demon was captured. This is where our story begins.
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