This License Agreement (hereinafter – “Agreement”) regulates relations between You (hereinafter – “User”) and AlphaSoft Company (hereinafter – “Rightholder” or “Administration”), jointly referred to as “Parties”, and separately “Party”, regarding the issues of grant, use and termination of license for computer software, “Will To Live Online” multiplayer online game.
Commitment of any actions, specified in the p.10.1 of the Agreement, means a full and unconditional acceptance of this Agreement conditions by the User.

1. Terms and definitions

1.1. In this Agreement the following notions are used:

Game is a computer software, “Will To Live Online” multiplayer online game.

Early access to the Game — access to the Game which is in process and not a finished product. It represents an operating procedure of the Game which license is provided for a fee or under any other conditions upon decision of the Administration, wherein a client part of the Game, installed on the User’s computer, interacts with a server part of the Game, being installed on the Rightholder’s specially designated servers.

License – is a right to use the Game within limits and on conditions, specified by this Agreement.

License Agreement is a license agreement of the project “Will To Live Online” at the following URL, but other sources as well, related to the Game to which it refers.

Key is a unique sequences of symbols, required for activation of early access to the Game in Steam client on the conditions of this Agreement.

Account is a login account of the User in the Game which is kept on the Game server. Login account belongs to the Administration.

User’s personal data are User’s data, collected and accumulated by Game during the validity period of License agreement. They are directly relevant to the game process.

1.2. Other used notions of this Agreement are subject to explanation in accordance with the License Agreement and the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

2. Subject of the Agreement

2.1. Under the conditions of the Agreement the Administration provides the User a fee-based nonexclusive license to use the Game for personal purposes and any other non-commercial purposes in the following ways:
2.1.1. Use of one copy of client part of the Game on the User’s computer;
2.1.2. Use of client part of the Game only by interacting with the server part of the Game;
2.2. Technical capability of rights execution, specified in the p.2.1of the Agreement, is provided by sending to the User’s e-mail the Key or by displaying the Key in the “personal account of the User” on the official website of the Game

3. Period of license validity

3.1. The license is provided after cash receipt by the Administration according to the p. 4.1 of the Agreement. The License shall be considered as provided to the User after posting the Key using the ways mentioned in the p.2.2 of the Agreement.
3.2. Period of license validity shall be determined based on duration period of the Early access to the Game. The Administration will notify the User concerning expiry of the Early access through publishing information on the official web-site of the Game
3.3. In order to avoid disagreement, the Parties recognize that the license for using the Game shall be deemed provided at the time specified in p.3.1 of the Agreement. The User may not stipulate the Agreement, but has no right to refuse it or terminate the Agreement after payment for license or obligation fulfillment by the Administration to grant license. Non-use of the rights granted to the User under the license is not a basis for termination of this Agreement by any of the Parties and is not subject to refund license cost to the User.

4. License cost

4.1. For license granting the User is obliged to pay to the Rightholder an allowance in the amount as per official web-site
4.2. After User’s payment for license the funds are not subject to refund.
4.3. Allowance amount for license granting can be unilaterally changed upon Administration’s decision.

5. Termination of License

5.1. License can be unilaterally terminated by the Rightholder in advance on the following basis:
5.1.1. Due to transfer of the provided Key to any third party, including making available to the public (posting in Internet and other ways);
5.1.2. Due to violation by the User of restrictions and obligations specified by this License Agreement.
5.1.3. Otherwise, specified by the Agreement

5.2. The User has the right to refuse using the License by noticing the Administration concerning one’s decision to the following e-mail
5.3. Termination of the License invokes termination of the rights and obligations of the Parties arising out of the Agreement. After termination of the License the User is obliged to stop using the Game, and the Administration has the right to use any technical means that prohibit the User to use the Game, including locking the Key, deleting or locking the User’s Account, deleting of information about the User’s characters, actions and achievements in the Game and other related information.

6. Prohibitions and restrictions
The User is prohibited:

6.1. To sell the Game or any its part, to provide for temporary use, to license, to distribute, to upload to network or to transmit to another person by any other way, and also to use the Game or its part for commercial purposes, including, among other things, Internet cafes, computer games centers and any other commercial premises where several users can gain access to the Game without a prior permission of the Administration.
6.2. To sell or transfer to any third party access to the Game account.
6.3. To reverse technologies, to receive a source code, to modify, to decompile and to disassemble the Game code or its parts, and to create derivative works on this basis as well.
6.4. To delete, disable or avoid any instructions and limitations of the Game Rightholder.
6.5. To export and re-export the Game, its copy or an adapted version violating any applicable laws or regulations.
6.6. To translate the Game to any other languages.
6.7. To use third party software (“cheat”) that allows to receive game advantages, as well as to advertise and sell/transfer it to other users.
6.8. To use other third party software that simulates a player’s actions in order to automate the Game process and also to advertise and sell/transfer it to other users.
6.9. To use errors and vulnerabilities of the Game for personal purposes without a proper notification of the Administration.
6.10. Sell ingame items or ingame money to other players for real money.
6.11. Use the Game otherwise than provided in this Agreement.
6.12. Any abusive comments or slander towards players, game process, project, Game Administration, using any resources of the Game (including, but not limited by Game chat, voice communication inside the Game, error report service, Game profiles in social networks and Steam community) are prohibited. Dissemination of false information that derogates the honor, dignity or business reputation of Administration or project itself.
6.13. It is prohibited to obstruct (so-called “streamsniping”) the official Game broadcasting (information on broadcasting is published in Game resources).
6.14. Intended use of Game vulnerabilities and disadvantages of game mechanics (so-called "abuse") with the aim to violate the game process and operation of the Game in whole is prohibited.


7. Responsibility

7.1. The Administration guarantees the validity of the Key provided to the User, i.e. the possibility to use the specified Key for activation of the Game in the Steam client.
7.2. The Game is provided “as is”. The Administration does not give any guarantees towards the possibilities of the Game or its performance using, as the Game is in operation and can be changed at any time. The Administration does not give any guarantees of observance of third parties rights, as well as guarantees regarding commercial and consumer qualities of the Game, installability on the User’s computer or relevance for certain purposes. The User bears the risks associated with the choice of the Game, its installation and use.
7.3. The Administration is not liable for any damages that may arise due to the use or inability to use the Game by the User, even if the Administration was notified concerning such losses occurrence. In any case, responsibility of the Administration is limited by the amount actually paid by the User for license granting under the Agreement.
7.4. The Administration is not responsible for performance of the Game on the User’s computer in case of incompatibility of the User’s computer with minimum system requirements specified in art. 8 of the Agreement

8. System requirements
Minimum and recommended requirements to hardware and software required for the Game using are posted on the official website of the Game

9. Collection, storage and use of User’s personal data
Game Administration reserves the right to collect, accumulate and process the user's personal data (including but not limited with information on applied hardware and software, screenshots made in the process of game, etc.) with the aim to analyze the actions of User during the game, without the right to transfer this information to the third parties, excluding the cases, required by legislation. Collection of User’s personal data may be made by means of Game components (Game client, game servers, official website of the Game).

10. Final provisions

10.1. The Agreement shall be deemed accepted by the User and comes into effect from the moment of license payment or the Key activation in the Steam client, whichever action was earlier done by the User.
10.2. The Administration has the right to alter the terms, specified in the p.3.2 of the Agreement, posting a notice of such alterations on the web-site
10.3. The Administration has the right to make alterations to the Agreement unilaterally. The User is obliged independently familiarize with the current version of the Agreement posted on the official web-site of the Game