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HITMAN 2 - Silver to Gold Upgrade Jul 30, 2019
The HITMAN 2 - Silver to Gold Upgrade is the perfect solution for Silver Edition owners that want to access all content included in the HITMAN 2 Expansion Pass. This item is only intended for owners of the HITMAN 2 Silver Edition ONLY.
HITMAN™ 2 - Himmelstein Nov 9, 2018
Perched in a sniper nest overlooking a lush Chateau during a lavish wedding ceremony, eliminate an international gang of thieves. Play alone as Agent 47 or choose a new operative and play online co-op with a friend.
HITMAN™ 2 - Hawke's Bay Nov 9, 2018
Enjoy a moonlit stroll to the sounds of roaring waves off the coast of Hawke's Bay, New Zealand, and retire for the evening on the deck of a highly secured luxury beach house designed by renowned architect Oscar Wong.
HITMAN™ 2 - Santa Fortuna Nov 9, 2018
Explore the remote village of Santa Fortuna, entrenched deep inside the lush Colombian rainforest and located at the foot of the infamous Delgado mansion.
HITMAN™ 2 - Whittleton Creek Nov 9, 2018
Picture perfect, Whittleton Creek in Vermont, USA, is the quintessential American suburb. Experience roads flanked by yellowing maple trees, carefully groomed yards and beautiful houses with neighborly people enjoying a quiet Saturday.
HITMAN™ 2 - Isle of Sgàil Nov 9, 2018
The Isle of Sgàil, North Sea, is one of the most secretive places in the world. Rumored to have served as everything from a Roman outpost to a "black site" prison for Russian spies, the island is a mystery to virtually everyone.
HITMAN™ 2 - Expansion Pass Nov 13, 2018
The Expansion Pass includes two Expansion Packs that offer you new Missions, new Locations, new Sniper Maps, new Challenges, new Weapons and new Outfits.
HITMAN™ 2 - Mumbai Nov 9, 2018
Nicknamed 'City of Dreams', lose yourself in the crowds of Mumbai's infamous slums, or admire Bollywood movie locations from afar; Mumbai will not disappoint with its colorful life and countless hidden secrets.
HITMAN™ 2 - Miami Nov 9, 2018
Visit sun-drenched Miami, Florida, and attend the final hours of the Global Innovation Race - a motorsports event showcasing the very latest in modern car design. Join a crowd of thousands of excited spectators at the biggest racing event of the year.
HITMAN™ - GOTY Legacy Pack Upgrade Nov 9, 2018
Upgrade your HITMAN™ Legacy Pack to the GOTY Legacy Pack. The Legacy Pack GOTY Upgrade includes: - "Patient Zero" Bonus campaign featuring 4 extra missions - 3 Themed Escalation Contracts - 3 Outfits - 3...
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