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Virtual Battlemap DLC - Lost Temple Oct 29, 2018
Lost Temples, were they used for sacrifice or as an outpost for other life forms! Mix the Lost Temple with all other DLC for unlimited map making power!
Virtual Battlemap DLC - Overworld Apr 9, 2018
Create gorgeous overland maps for your campaigns. Biomes from Hot to Cold are ready to be designed for your world. Place the hex tiles, build roads, add decorations.
Virtual Battlemap DLC - Far East Mar 19, 2018
Journey to the Far East and show your heroes an exotic adventure! Location is everything when building a memorable story!
Virtual Battlemap DLC - Monster Pack 1 Mar 5, 2018
Over 30 monsters to bring life to your world by putting some bite, slash and stab where your players least expect it!
Virtual Battlemap DLC - Elven City Nov 28, 2017
The Elven City is a place of high magic and high morals. Build the areas of the Elves the way you have always envisioned them!
Virtual Battlemap DLC - Modern Town Jun 20, 2017
Modern Suburbs, a great setting for anything from (A)liens to (Z)ombies. Quiet streets , small towns, the crash location of a helicopter carrying a virus.. unleash your creativity in a whole new mapping genre!
Virtual Battlemap DLC - Space Dungeons Feb 22, 2017
Space, 40K away in the final frontier. Dungeons where bleeding acid may come in handy! Tight corridors , wide open docking bays, or the bridge of your dream ship.. unleash your creativity in a whole new mapping genre!
Virtual Battlemap DLC - Deserts Dec 15, 2016
From a hidden oasis to a post-apocalyptic adventure for water, Desert DLC opens up a whole new world.
Virtual Battlemap DLC - Castles & Chill Nov 25, 2016
Create a simple outpost for players, or an entire mega Castle for them to siege. Not only does this pack contain a beautiful castle building system, but it also comes with some bonus Winter and Holiday Content!
Virtual Battlemap DLC - Harbor Town Oct 3, 2016
It all starts in a Harbor Town by the sea. Build the town where your characters begin or where fate says the journey ends. Inns, Shops, Taverns and much more let you build the town the way you have always envisioned it!
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