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Fishing Planet: Mighty Carp Tournament Pack Sep 6, 2019
Are you ready for some Carp fishing?! These all-time European favorite game fish may be less popular in North America, but they sure are quite a challenge to catch being the hardest freshwater fish to fool into biting!
Fishing Planet: Revolutionary Pack Jun 25, 2019
Revolutionary Pack - an awesome tackle set featuring limited 4th of July Edition fishing tackle and equipment that are bound to raise your patriotic spirits on Independence Day!
Fishing Planet: Metalhead Motorboat Pack May 28, 2019
Excited to see what fishing from a motorboat is all about? Then this pack is for you!
Fishing Planet: Daredevil Motorboat Pack May 28, 2019
Enjoy a complete on-the-water angling experience with the Daredevil Motorboat Pack to make your fishing adventures more thrilling than ever before.
Fishing Planet: Carp Lord Pack Mar 21, 2019
Behold the Carp Lord Pack — an ultimate must-have tackle set that every carp angler could only dream about! This awesome selection of fishing goodies includes FOUR powerful spod&carp rod’n’reel combos and a full selection of all the best terminal tackle!
Fishing Planet: Bottom Power Pack Dec 27, 2018
Bottom Power Pack is a complete all-you-need bottom tackle set with FOUR awesome rod’n’reel combos, a full selection of all the terminal tackle, feeder baits, chum, attractants and other bottom fishing equipment along with 7-DAY Pond Passes and Advanced Licenses for the top-5 bottom fishing destinat
Fishing Planet: Feeder Dream Pack Dec 19, 2018
Feeder Dream Pack: THREE powerful rod’n’reel combos, a full selection of all the terminal tackle, feeder baits, chum, attractants and other equipment along with weekly Pond Passes and Advanced Licenses for the top-3 European feeder fishing destinations!
Fishing Planet: Tricky Treats Pack Oct 26, 2018
This pack is just what you need to trick the creepy monsters into biting! Featuring a complete magic arsenal of all unique Halloween baits and lures, that underwater abominations and even the ferocious Frankenfish can’t resist! We’ll even toss in 666 superstition Credits and 13 lucky BaitCoins!
Fishing Planet: Golden Dragon Pack Jun 15, 2018
Golden Dragon Pack featuring a deadly combination of tackle, equipment and even a Kayak - all decorated in the theme of the world’s most powerful legendary creature - the Golden Dragon Pack will back you with the support of ancient omnipotent forces!
Fishing Planet: Christmas Magic Pack Dec 18, 2017
Christmas fishing is like a fairytale for grown-ups! Especially this year, with magical fishy anomalies lurking in the depth of icy waters. But don’t let the cute and fluffy exterior of these beasts fool you - Antlered Salmon and Furry Trout are some of the toughest underwater rebels you’ve ever...
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