Released: Feb 8, 2018

Pillars of Eternity: Lords of the Eastern Reach is a 1-4 player card game based on Obsidian Entertainment's award-winning and best-selling Pillars of Eternity computer role-playing game.

Released: Jun 3, 2016

Zombicide is the board game that lets 1-6 players live out their zombie survival nightmares! Players take control of one of six survivors, each who have their own special abilities and skill trees. Using unique and clever mechanics, Zombicide is designed as a fully cooperative game where no player has to play as the zombies.


Released: Feb 26, 2016

It is a time of unrest in 1920s Europa. The ashes from the first great war still darken the snow. The capitalistic city-state known simply as “The Factory,” which fueled the war with heavily armored mechs, has closed its doors, drawing the attention of several nearby countries.


Released: Jun 5, 2015

Superfight is a hilarious card game based on fights between characters with superpowers and super problems.


Released: Sep 29, 2015

Cosmic Encounter® Connector is the Tabletop Simulator version of the award winning game where you become an alien with a special power to break the rules. No two games are the ever same!

Released: Mar 24, 2017

Xia: Legends of a Drift System is a 3-5 player sandbox style competitive space adventure. Each player starts as a lowly but hopeful captain of a small starship.


Released: Mar 3, 2017

Command the world's best Special Forces operators and complete vital assault missions around the world!


Released: Jan 8, 2016

Defeat the Necromancer and save the kingdom in this one- to four-player cooperative fantasy game, Darkest Night.


Released: Aug 4, 2017

The Battle for Greyport is the game of the adventurers after the adventure but before the pints. Maybe the big bad guy’s underlings are seeking revenge, or maybe an even bigger bad guy is coming over to show the city who’s the new boss in town.

Released: Jul 20, 2017

Three Kingdoms Redux is a board game that seeks to recreate the tripartite between the states of Wei, Wu and Shu. You assume the role of one of the three lords – Cao Cao leading Cao Wei, Sun Jian leading Eastern Wu or Liu Bei leading Shu Han.


Released: Jul 8, 2016

Wizard's Academy is a co-operative game of magical experimentation for 1-6 players. In each game, the players select a scenario, such as summoning and binding a demon to steal its powers, defending the academy against an attack by an army of Imps, or (in the most difficult scenario) facing an academy inspector whom they must impress with their...


Released: Aug 25, 2017

The Great Dinosaur Rush — or the Bone Wars, as it's otherwise called — was a period of incredible advancement in paleontology (i.e., the discovery of fossils).


Released: Dec 20, 2017

A world of peace has been torn asunder by the opening of a vile portal from the goblin kingdom.


Released: Jan 21, 2016

Tiny Epic Galaxies is driven by an exciting dice-rolling mechanic that rewards thoughtful programming of the results. Players control a home planet and a series of space ships within their own personal galaxy. As players upgrade their galaxies they gain access to more ships and more dice.


Released: Dec 16, 2016

The West is growing day by day, and you’re looking to stake your claim. To win, you have to gamble your relationships with the most powerful bosses in town to win influence.


Released: Sep 23, 2016

In Tiny Epic Defenders a cooperative board game, players must select their class and work together to defend the foreboding horde and slay the Epic Foe.


Released: Jun 9, 2017

Abraca...What? is a family game of deduction and spellcasting.


Released: Apr 4, 2016

In Tiny Epic Kingdoms, you rule! But whether you reign supreme or crumble under pressure is entirely in your hands.


Released: Apr 28, 2017

In the Name of Odin is a strategy game for 2-5 players, each with a claim to become the new Jarl. You are all brave warriors, shrewd traders and bold explorers, but only one of you will become the new Jarl to rule in the name of Odin!


Released: Sep 16, 2016

Old-world Tuscany awaits your wine making skill and strategic cunning. You’ll plant vines, harvest grapes, age wines, and fill merchant orders to create the greatest winery in Italy!


Released: Aug 19, 2016

Attention Crew! The captain is dead! Our jump core is offline. There is a hostile alien ship off our port side. We need to get our jump core back online so we can get out of here. You have trained for this. You know what needs to be done. Go do it!


Released: Apr 14, 2017

Indonesia is a game in which two to five players build up an economy, trying to acquire the most money.


Released: May 18, 2017

The Empress of Time inadvertently triggers a malfunction that causes different time intervals and parallel words to intersect. You are an adventurer who is unwittingly sucked into this time spiral. Your objective is collecting a form of energy called mana and bringing the world back to order, allowing you to return to your own time.


Released: Nov 20, 2015

A dystopian cityscape awaits your leadership as you make strategic choices to construct markets, enhance allegiances, and expand control in this thematic dice worker-placement game.

Released: May 6, 2016

Mr. Game! is a modern take on the classic family "roll-and-move" genre of board games. It's a race-to-the-finish where the goal is constantly changing, and so are the rules! An innovative tabletop experience where one player wields the power to dramatically alter the game at a moment's notice. What kind of "Mr.


Released: Dec 14, 2015

Mistfall is a fully cooperative adventure game set in a fantasy world of mystery, eldritch powers and high adventure.


Released: Jun 23, 2017

In a war torn land, a magical land of heroic feats and epic quests, there is a place that has never felt the wrath of the ongoing and everlasting war between the five realms. Hidden in the hills of Strongcliff, deep in the shadows of a cavern lies the best kept secret for many years.This place is called the Cavern Tavern.

Released: Jun 21, 2016

Simurgh is a game for 2-5 players who become heads of powerful clans in a fantastical world where humans and dragons live, hunt and go to wars together.


Released: Apr 4, 2016

RARRR!! is APE's card game of earth-shaking battles between giant Japanese movie monsters (daikaiju). Each player creates a monster, builds up its power, and then battles against other monsters to destroy the world’s greatest cities.


Released: Oct 25, 2016

Only the host needs to own this DLC. 2-5 Players (1-5 Variant available) | Ages 14 & Up 30-45 MinutesAbout Darkrock VenturesDarkrock Ventures is a worker placement board game about deep-space asteroid mining. Each player takes control of their own Asteroid Mining operation with little more than a ship and a skeleton crew.


Released: Jan 29, 2016

Battle For Souls is an epic medieval card and dice game for 1-4 players pitting the forces of Hell against the forces of Heaven in a fight for the eternal souls of humankind.

Released: Oct 7, 2016

Ancient Balinese legend describes a host of powerful spirits who help poor rice farmers achieve success. These farmers have long used a sophisticated irrigation system to organize rice cultivation by integrating religious devotion and social responsibility with traditional farming methods.


Released: Feb 17, 2017

In this fast-playing card game, players scheme, battle and steal to be the first to collect 21 doubloons. Each turn either draw a card or play a card - cards can be played as either treasure or as an action. Do you want to draw 2 cards, or steal the treasure chest your opponent just played? Or would you rather wipe the board...


Released: Aug 5, 2016

Three Cheers for Master is a fast-paced, multi-player card game where each player creates their own cheerleading tower of cards depicting Master’s violent, war-hungry minions.