Downloadable Content for MorphVOX Pro - Voice Changer

Released: Mar 16, 2014

The Batch Converter Plug-In is a professional plug-in to MorphVOX Pro that allows morphing of a number of files at one time.This plug-in allows you to easily select your source files, assign voices, select a destination and convert.It is that easy to morph hundreds of files!


Released: Feb 20, 2014

The Voice Expansion Pack for MorphVOX ProWe have added 5 of our popular voice packs to give you 36 more voices in one convenient DLC!Deep Space Voices: 6 voices that will compliment any chatting in your favorite space game.


Released: Feb 27, 2014

Add six unique audio effects to your voice with the Special Effects Voice Add-On for MorphVOX Pro.Sound like you are giving orders over a radio, talking underwater, hiding out in a cave or just confuse your friends with some alien gibberish.


Released: Oct 20, 2014

The Text-To-VoIP Plug-In for MorphVOX Pro allows you to speak over the Internet or soft-phone using customizable text-to-speech voices. This plug-in is helpful for people who cannot speak with their own voice or who would like a text alternative to communicating with voice.


Released: Mar 28, 2014

The Voice Splicer plug-in for MorphVOX Pro will allow you to morph multiple voices from a single audio file. Experiment and tweak a voice and apply it to your recording until you get just what you want.