German Routes

Train Simulator: Berlin - Leipzig Route Add-On
Aug 11, 2016

Originating the 1840s, the railway that connects Berlin to the likes of Wittenberg, Bitterfeld and Leipzig has seen many upgrades throughout the decades to make it the high speed railway known today.

Train Simulator: Berlin-Wittenberg Route Add-On
Nov 7, 2013

One of Germany’s earliest and most important railway routes between Berlin and Wittenberg is now available for Train Simulator.The origins of the route were established in 1840 by the Berlin-Anhalt Railway Company, who constructed a railway line between Berlin and Köthen, via Jüterborg and Dessau.

Train Simulator: Inselbahn: Stralsund – Sassnitz Route Add-On
Apr 18, 2019

Inselbahn: Stralsund – Sassnitz brings both passenger and freight flavours of island rail operations to life!

Train Simulator: Albula Line: St Moritz - Thusis Route Add-On
Sep 1, 2016

Since the introduction of railways, many breathtaking landscapes have been unlocked for global captivation. From plains to canyons, what the world has to offer has been made ever-closer as technology advanced.

Train Simulator: Südbahn: Bruck an der Mur - Maribor Route Add-On
Jun 27, 2019

The Südbahn is one of Austria’s most important railways, a mountainous corridor that connects communities and industries to each other, and with neighbouring countries. It opened in sections between 1841 and 1848, spanning some 260 km between Wien and the Austrian-Slovenian border.

Train Simulator: Rhine Valley: Freiburg - Basel Route Add-On
Nov 15, 2018

Partner Programme member Aerosoft brings the detailed and scenic Rhine Valley Railway between Freiburg and Basel to Train Simulator!

Train Simulator: Munich - Rosenheim Route Add-On
Jul 23, 2015

The Munich to Rosenheim route through Germany serves as one of the most important cross-border lines to Austria, and this beautifully scenic route is now available for Train Simulator.

Train Simulator: Frankfurt S-Bahn Rhein Main Route Add-On
Oct 25, 2018

Experience a unique taste of historic Frankfurt by diving into two distinct lines of the network, the S5 and the S6.

Train Simulator: Mosel Valley: Koblenz - Trier Route Add-On
Dec 21, 2015

One of Germany’s most beautiful and romantic landscapes, and one of Europe’s most charming river valleys, the Mosel Valley, is the location for the Aerosoft’s latest route for Train Simulator, the Mosel Valley (Koblenz-Trier).

Train Simulator: Hamburg-Lübeck Railway Route Add-On
Jan 7, 2016

As one of the most important routes in the state of Schleswig-Holstein, the Hamburg-Lübeck Railway forms part of the Vogelfluglinie, connecting Germany’s second largest city with the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen.

Train Simulator: Allgäubahn: Kempten - Lindau & Immenstadt - Oberstdorf Route Add-On
Apr 19, 2018

Enjoy a truly unique locomotive adventure - the Allgäubahn sees historical rails twinned with modern traction stretching north out of Lindau into southern Germany.

Train Simulator: Munich - Garmisch-Partenkirchen Route Add-On
May 15, 2014

One of Germany’s oldest railway lines comes to life in the beautiful and picturesque Munich – Garmisch-Partenkirchen route for Train Simulator.Set in the southern part of the German state of Bavaria, the 100km (62 mile) route is mainly single track throughout and runs from the country’s expansive...

Train Simulator: Mighty Seddin Freight Route Add-On
Jul 13, 2017

Situated on the southern outskirts of Berlin, the railway junction that spurs west from the Leipzig main line to Seddin is densely packed with freight throughout.

Train Simulator: Münster - Bremen Route Add-On
May 3, 2019

Built in the early 1870s, the 172 km stretch of main line between Münster and Bremen formed part of the larger Wanne-Eickel-Hamburg Railway – which had the goal of linking the Ruhr and Hamburg regions together.

Train Simulator: Frankfurt High Speed: Frankfurt – Karlsruhe Route Extension Add-On
Sep 6, 2018

Stretching across the Rhine Valley and the Hessian Ried, Frankfurt High Speed: Frankfurt – Karlsruhe is a definitive and landmark arrival in Train Simulator.

Train Simulator: Hamburg-Hanover Route Add-On
Jul 24, 2013

The route from Hamburg to Hanover in Germany is one of the most important railway lines in Lower Saxony, running from the state capital of Hanover to Germany’s second largest city, Hamburg, and now you can take control of your own high speed passenger train on this arterial route in Train Simulator.

Train Simulator: West Rhine: Köln - Koblenz Route Add-On
Dec 5, 2014

The beautiful landscape of the Rhineland-Palatinate comes to life in a stunning new route for Train Simulator. The 96 kilometre (60 mile) route between Germany’s fourth largest city, Cologne, and one of the country’s oldest cities, Koblenz, runs parallel to the west bank of the Rhine for much of...

Train Simulator: Munich-Augsburg Route Add-On
Oct 10, 2012

The Munich to Augsburg line is a fantastic German high-speed railway line for Train Simulator, complete with ICE 3 high-speed trains.

Train Simulator: Mittenwaldbahn: Garmisch-Partenkirchen - Innsbruck Route Add-On
Feb 16, 2017

The railway line has carved its way through the Alpine landscape of western Austria for over a century, providing generations with a vital link from Innsbruck, through the mountains and into Germany’s Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Train Simulator: Hamburg S1 S-Bahn Route Add-On
Nov 10, 2016

The S1 Line of the Hamburg S-Bahn is the city’s second largest, initially traversing the outskirts before diving into the heart and serving many locations including the nearby international airport.

Train Simulator: Wutachtalbahn: Lauchringen – Immendingen Route Add-On
Sep 8, 2017

Clinging to the Swiss border, the Wutach Valley Railway is perhaps the most unique and splendid in all of Germany. Packed with higher and lower speed running, stunning scenery and spectacular viaducts, the Wutachtalbahn, complete with fantastic steam action, is yours to experience in this stunning...

Train Simulator: Köln Airport Link Route Extension Add-On
May 3, 2018

Gear up for Planes, Trains and Stadtschnellbahns! The incredible Rhine Railway has linked Troisdorf and Cologne via both the impressive Gremberg yard and the Hohenzollern Bridge since 1874.

Train Simulator: Black Forest Journeys: Freiburg-Hausach Route Add-On
Apr 14, 2016

A triumph of engineering and perseverance, the line from Freiburg to Hausach takes in some of the most picturesque views in southern Germany, and now you can drive this dramatic route – complete with hairpin loops and curving tunnels – in Train Simulator.

Train Simulator: The Rhine Railway: Mannheim - Karlsruhe Route Add-On
Mar 19, 2015

One of Germany’s most strategically important rail lines comes to Train Simulator, bringing the splendours of The Rhine Railway to life and featuring one of Europe’s largest freight marshalling yards.

Train Simulator: Konstanz-Villingen Route Add-On
Nov 2, 2017

Traverse the stunning Upper Rhine and Black Forest Railways in this incredibly-detailed and picturesque route courtesy of Partner Programme developer Maik Goltz.

Train Simulator: Frankfurt U-Bahn Route Add-On
Mar 15, 2019

The complex and bustling network under and into rural Frankfurt comes to life with the Frankfurt U-Bahn, complete with all 9 lines packed with authentic details!

Train Simulator: Ruhr-Sieg Route Add-On
Sep 18, 2012

The Ruhr-Sieg line is a wonderful German route that includes passenger and freight trains and a choice of diesel, electric and steam locomotives.

Train Simulator: Cologne-Dusseldorf Route Add-On
Mar 8, 2012

Cologne-Dusseldorf is a superb new modern German route for Train Simulator 2012, with hours of driving pleasure and many familiar landmarks along the way.