Indhold, der kan downloades til Cities in Motion 2

Udgivet: 11. mar 2014

European Cities brings a multitude of brand new structures to Cities in Motion 2.This entirely new expansion gives you control of a new setting with an old world feeling. A campaign inspired by bustling metropolitan areas leads you on an adventure tackling the transportation conundrums in cities inspired by Liverpool, Prague and Düsseldorf.


Udgivet: 9. jan 2014

Marvellous Monorails offers an all-new vehicle type to Cities in Motion 2. The monorail is a handy vehicle for innercity connections and works best in circular lines. The pack boasts five different monorail vehicles, from the slow but very large Toyoka Cybria City, to the super-fast but quite high maintenance Stern-Berger Mate.


Udgivet: 3. okt 2013

These are the best of the best of the vehicles originally in the first Cities in Motion. The two buses, three trams and a ferry will bring novelty with a vintage twist to your game! - Maurice Futura (bus): The Maurice Futura is very attractive to passengers and uses only the minimum of petrol.


Udgivet: 17. sep 2013

Looking for a vintage feeling? Here are a few vehicles that were in the original game too! The pack contains two buses, two trams, a ferry and a trolley bus to spice up your game. Comet Ambienta (bus): Introduced to the world in 1995 by the successful Swedish manufacturer, its design was inspired by smooth forms of nature and recent developments...


Udgivet: 29. aug 2013

Add some lofty architecture to spice up your town with this DLC. Lofty Landmarks offers four new buildings: the formidable Cologne Cathedral, the famous Westminster Palace featuring the Elizabeth Tower and it's Big Ben bell, the renowned German Brandenburg Gate, and the 30 St. Mary Axe, commonly known as the Gherkin of London.


Udgivet: 15. aug 2013

Ever wanted to have a shorter metro for the night time, or a very long version for the rush hour? Well, now it's possible! The Metro Madness pack features customizable metro trains that you can put together car by car and alter the setup for different timetables.


Udgivet: 20. jun 2013

Want more buses? Here they are! The Bus Mania pack offers five all-new bus type vehicles to spice up the game. Try out these modern vehicles to make the most of your routes, or build new lines with brand new vehicles for the citizens to marvel at. Pavlov Arriva: Do you have a line with hard to please customers?


Udgivet: 30. jul 2013

Populate the waters in your city with brand new vessels! Five new waterbuses offer speed, capacity and will surely have your passengers in awe as they sail out of the depots.  Donau Trooper: It's a bit clunky looking, but don't let that deceive you!


Udgivet: 30. jul 2013

Everything is trolleys! This pack offers five new trolley bus vehicles to adorn your streets. Whether it is speed, capacity or low maintenance that you are looking for, these are the vehicles to help you out.  Ness TransLink: It's a bit slow and needs a lot of maintenance, but the TransLink has unsurpassed capacity to carry passengers.


Udgivet: 17. jun 2014

DLC pack description: Based on player wishes, these five all-new vehicles bring a new twist to your game! The Tatra 4m tram and Capitol S metro train are novelties on tracks, and the three new articulated buses offer a pleasant way for the citizens to get around. Tatra 4m tram carries plenty of passengers and is fairly fast.


Udgivet: 17. jul 2014

THE WHEELS ON THE BUS GO ROUND & ROUNDPack yourself in one of five new vehicles inspired by the efficiency of large European cities and designed to keep your cities in motion. These new vehicles are not only easy on the eye, but they ride like a seamless untroubled dream. Jump on and experience the thrill of Jubilee GL and Roadmaster 2000.


Udgivet: 18. nov 2014

Cities in Motion 2 contains 13 unique songs composed by Olli Perttula. These songs run while on your daily commute!Following songs are included:1. In Transit2. Coordination is Key3. Morning Commute4. Almost There5. Now We’re Moving6. It’s Rush Hour7. On the Bus8. Please be Patient9. All Aboard!10. The City Lights11. As the Sun Sets12.