Излязла на: 10 окт. 2012

Want the ultimate Worms™ Revolution experience and the best value for money? Treat your self to the Worms™ Revolution Season Pass and get access to four downloadable content packs for Worms™ Revolution at one discounted price: Includes access to four brand new DLC Packs (Funfair Pack, Mars Pack, Medieval Tales and Customization Pack) for Worms™...

Излязла на: 21 ноем. 2012

Tony Bluster-Comb is Don Keystone’s spineless assistant and with his boss in hiding he needs your help to further document the life of Wormius-Fistycuffius. Now’s your chance to do so and become a legendry hero! Storm a series of puzzle-laden castles in these 10 all-new medieval single-player quest missions.

Излязла на: 24 окт. 2012

Roll up, roll up. Enjoy all the fun of the fair with these 5 new puzzles and theme. Experience new puzzles, weapons, customization and more.Funfair Pack includes:New Puzzle Missions. 5 new single player puzzle missions set in the new Funfair theme.Funfair theme.

Излязла на: 7 ноем. 2012

Extend your single player experience as you take on more missions in this one giant leap for wormkind. Experience new missions, weapons, customization and more.Mars Pack includes:New Campaign Missions. 5 new single player campaign missions set in the new Mars theme.Mars Theme.

Излязла на: 18 юни 2013

Stand out from the crowd in Worms Revolution with the Customisation Pack.Customisation Pack Includes Exclusive new theme - The Junkyard. 5 new lethal physics objects - Car Battery, Pliers, Toxic Canister, Hot Air Gun & Anti-Freeze. 7 new hats - Bandana, Gear Stick, Tyre, Afro, Flat Cap, Rapper Hat & Backwards Baseball Hat.