Sokpop Season #5

Sneak around in Pilfer, kill an emperor in The Hour of the Rat, talk to animals in Pear Quest, dance-battle monkeys in Bandapes or make your own games in Sok-Stories!

Pear Quest
May 19, 2019

A tiny adventure game set on a huge island. Talk to animals, solve puzzles and reach the big pear at the top...

The Hour of the Rat
Jun 5, 2019

The Hour of the Rat is a platformer about an assassination attempt on an emperor. Use limited resources to succeed within a limited time.

Apr 3, 2019

Bandapes is a rhythmic battle game. You command a squad of apes that listen to rhythmic patterns you can play with drums. Battle against the squads of other players and rise in the rankings!

Jun 20, 2019

rook is a short survival game where you play as a bird on a remote farm

Apr 9, 2019

A simple game making tool. Draw objects, drag them onto a canvas, and make rules to make a game! Easily upload your stories and share them anywhere, with anyone. What will you make?

Jul 3, 2019

A stealth game in which the player explores a small town, breaks into houses, and steals silverware.

passenger seat
Apr 19, 2019

passenger seat - sit in the passenger seat on a midnight drive in the backcountry

Wamu Wamu 2
May 11, 2019

A cute short experimental game about cleaning fruits that are infested by big worms.