Mondrian - Abstraction in Beauty Demo May 10, 2016
The shareware demo of Mondrian - Abstraction in Beauty has a limited feature set but is completely free to download, share, and enjoy.
Mondrian - Abstraction in Beauty: Original Game Soundtrack September 21, 2015
Mondrian - Abstraction in Beauty: Original Game Soundtrack, composed by Davidjohn Blodgett and Hannah Hoyt, features over an hour of acid jazz, hip hop, trip hop, ambient, electronic, and classical music. Remastered from in-game tracks and exported as 320kbps, 44.
Mondrian - Abstraction in Beauty September 21, 2015
Inspired by the works of the De Stijl masters’ limitations on form and color, Mondrian - Abstraction in Beauty takes an abstract look at the history of video game art in the form of a circular block-breaker.
Children of Liberty April 18, 2014
When four spies are arrested infiltrating the mansion of Royal Governor Thomas Gage, the Patriots call upon their children to finish their mission, spring them from jail, and uncover the details of a conspiracy that could plunge the colonies into war...
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