CI Games


Dogfight 1942 Russia Under Siege
28. sep. 2012

Germany’s dominant air force is pounding at the gates of the Soviet Empire and Blitzkrieg is at full swing.

Dogfight 1942
21. sep. 2012

Piloting a wide range of aircraft, players engage in aerial dogfights and dangerous fighter missions across the major theaters of war during WWII.

Combat Wings: Battle of Britain
14. okt. 2009

Destroy the Luftwaffe! There’s something new in the air, and it’s more than the hum of hundreds of aero engines... As the Luftwaffe launches its aerial offensive, the outnumbered Royal Air Force is scrambling to bring into combat new planes that will ensure victory over a stronger foe.

Dogfight 1942 Fire Over Africa
5. okt. 2012

An ominous shadow of the Axis Alliance is being cast over the sands of Africa.