Thunder Kid October 22
Take on the forces of the Robot Empire in this Low-Poly 3D Run 'n' Gun Action Game!
Space Captain McCallery - Episode 1: Crash Landing July 20
Space Pirate Captain McCallery has Crash Landed on an alien planet! Explore a strange and hostile alien world in this Low-Poly 3D Action-Adventure game.
Kill the Superweapon March 5
3D Twin-Stick Action game where bosses can roam from room to room in pursuit of the player. Samantha Kill is on a mission to take down Abaddon Inc. and their Bio-Mechanical Supersoldiers.
Cold Vengeance January 11, 2017
When Canada invades the USA, Sgt. Jon Dagger must run and gun his way across the ruins of America to the Frozen North to deliver Cold Vengeance.
Ninja Outbreak March 30, 2016
Survive in an off-world research station that has been overrun by a contagion that turns its victims into bloodthirsty Ninja.
Venusian Vengeance March 27, 2015
In the year is 196X the communists won the space race and colonized Venus. Now the Americans have sent Sgt. Jon Dagger to Venus to destroy the Secret Soviet Science Facility.
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