Tayutama 2-you're the only one- ENG ver.
In a mountain town far away from Ashihara-cho, a brand new story about the coexistence between "Humans" and "Tayutais" is about to start.
爱上火车-Pure Station- Maitetsu:Pure Station September 21
淑女同萌!HELLO LADY! June 29
HELLO LADY! is a Visual Novel game that tells a glory school story about youth, love, and revenge. The game is made by famous Japanese developer AKATSUKI WORKS. Welcome to cooperate, fight and fall in love with the young ladies!
茂伸奇谈-HAPPY END- 中文体验版
本作是日本知名美少女ADV新星 Lose 旗下名作,丰富的CG,精致的演出,极其出色的音乐与配音阵容,带你领略不一般的和风魅力。
茂伸奇谈 Monobeno January 26
This was a story about humans and monsters, disease and haunting, and the past and the future. It leads you to the unusual traditional Japanese culture.
樱之杜†净梦者 完全版 Sakura no Mori † Dreamers December 28, 2017
游魂2-you're the only one- Tayutama 2-you're the only one- December 9, 2016
Introduction In the mountain town far away the ashihara chou,a BRAND-NEW story about the coexistence of “humans”and “ tayutai“ is about to start.
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