同居指南 | Cohabitation Guide Jul 12, 2019
What! My house is occupied!" Our male protagonist utters an incredible howl. He clearly lives happily in his big house. His parents can work outside all the year round, but they are occupied by three sisters in the best three bedrooms. Liao Feiluo, Xiang Yuyao and Zhu Nanjun!
夏荷 | Summer Lotus Mar 28, 2019
Summer Lotus, a derivative play of campus love With the arrival of summer vacation, the male protagonist applied for a summer job, and naturally met our beautiful girls by the sea. Then an interesting love story happened.
Blood Memery|血色记忆 Feb 14, 2019
Take earphones, listen to the helpless voice, listen to the angry complaint. To the left heaven to the right hell. The whole story is presented in the form of a fictional voice diary. A monologue diary is used to show you the tragic experience of a abducted girl and the painful choices it faces.
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My Fox Sister|我的妖狐妹妹 Feb 4, 2019
The high school student's leading role was called by a mysterious woman. Actually, she was forced to adopt a fox. What's wrong with this world? Mysterious woman, you let go of the hero and rush to me.
东方驾考模拟器|Chinese Driving License Test Dec 28, 2018
Want to take a driving test? Or are you ready to take the driving test? Then come and buy a driving test simulator. All questions are 2018 latest question bank, of course, we will update at any time to ensure that the question bank is complete.
景行 | Encourage Dec 19, 2018
The topic that youth can never escape is graduation. Graduation is parting, graduation is the ultimate destination of youth. Everyone's life node has been separated by graduation. The young people with high spirits and innocent girls have gone through the best years of youth.
逗国科举 | Douguo Keju Dec 7, 2018
Following the ancient imperial examination system of China, including private school test, children's birth test, rural test, meeting test, Palace test, and finally according to the achievements, the National Entrance Examination has won the champion list.
Romantic Journey Nov 9, 2018
Romantic Journey is a Japanese-style visual novel game in which the protagonist, for a variety of reasons, takes a romantic holiday trip with the ladies of the boss's family. "Absolutely torture!
Puzzle:Traditional Chinese Paintings Oct 2018
Puzzle:Traditional Chinese Painting, To the Chinese traditional culture salute. Puzzle:Traditional Chinese Painting is a simple, but rich in content puzzle game, the main purpose of the puzzle is the classic Chinese painting works, including Qingming Shanghe Tu and other well-known classical...
秋叶|Autumn leaves Sep 28, 2018
The campus story of the school season. Autumn leaves are the second short stories of Muzi's workshop, telling beautiful campus love stories. What is the most important thing in college life? Love? Friendship? Or the surging youth?
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