Developer of queer-oriented visual novels, with a slice-of-life spin. Game&Love member.

Frequent Flyer: A Long Distance Love Story March 12
Emi falls in love with Isobel on her vacation, but Isobel is hiding secrets that will shake Emi to her very core... do you trust her?
The Girl on the Train October 23, 2017
Follow the story of Hana, a high school delinquent who, after a rough day, notices a gorgeous, tall, foreign looking girl on her train ride home. Who is this girl? Why has she never seen her before? Hana hatches a plan to get to know her, but her journey teaches her a lot more than she expected.
Ecchi Sketch: Draw Cute Girls Every Day! March 17, 2017
As Yume Akiyama, you'll quit your dead-end job and become a full time manga artist, working in an office with a bunch of super cute girls! You'll need to show them the ropes, and perhaps a little more, in one of three endings in this cute, sexy, visual novel!
Sweet Volley High October 26, 2016
Sweet Volley High - A Yuri / Otome Visual Novel from NewWestGames Sweet Volley High is the story of Aya Mizuki in her senior year at high school, and beyond, as she pursues a dream of becoming a professional volleyball player. Will she find romance and success, or rejection and heartbreak?
A Wild Catgirl Appears! January 4, 2016
A Wild Catgirl Appears is a short romance visual novel featuring multiple routes, different girls to date and of course, catgirls! You follow the story of Ami, a loner at high school, as she joins the school's coding club and sets about making her first video game.
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