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Recommended November 14
""It would be easy to write Call of Cthulhu off as a cliched and extremely derivative game, but it manages to tick off all of the boxes when it comes to delivering a competent horror experience.""
Recommended November 14
""Hitman 2 is the franchise’s pinnacle in terms of gameplay and design.""
Recommended November 14
""SoulCalbur VI is an excellent pickup, especially so for anyone like me, who’s fallen off from the series at a point.""
Recommended November 13
"It might feel hyperbolic to describe The Return of the Obra Dinn as a masterpiece, but it’s the best descriptor I can honestly think of."
Recommended October 23
"Lamplight City is an excellently crafted adventure, and well worth experiencing for the opportunity to interact with a unique alternative world."
Recommended October 23
"Two Point Hospital more than lives up to the weight of expectation that comes from being a Theme Hospital spiritual successor."
Recommended August 27
"I can’t really recall having a really deep strategy game that approached behind the scenes of the Cold War in the way Polish studio CreativeForge Games’ Phantom Doctrine does. "
Recommended August 27
"For as much fun as the utter bedlam of Overcooked 2 is, those moments when you and your team finally hit its stride and operate smoothly are extremely satisfying."
Recommended August 8
"Out of the few of WadjetEye’s games that I’ve played so far, Unavowed is certainly one that I’ll remember for quite a while, thanks to its engaging story and fantastic presentation."
Recommended August 2
"I’m always in awe when a game comes out in this day and age that manages to confound me as much as La-Mulana 2 has so far. And I love it for that."
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