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Recommended August 27
"I can’t really recall having a really deep strategy game that approached behind the scenes of the Cold War in the way Polish studio CreativeForge Games’ Phantom Doctrine does. "
Recommended August 27
"For as much fun as the utter bedlam of Overcooked 2 is, those moments when you and your team finally hit its stride and operate smoothly are extremely satisfying."
Recommended August 8
"Out of the few of WadjetEye’s games that I’ve played so far, Unavowed is certainly one that I’ll remember for quite a while, thanks to its engaging story and fantastic presentation."
Recommended August 2
"I’m always in awe when a game comes out in this day and age that manages to confound me as much as La-Mulana 2 has so far. And I love it for that."
Recommended July 24
"The Station is a fairly short experience, but it is nonetheless highly memorable, featuring some great voice acting and beautiful environments, together with an excellently poignant final twist."
Recommended July 19
"It’s no stretch to claim that Dark Souls Remastered is the version of the game that fans have been waiting for."
Recommended July 19
"As it stands, if you’re looking for a compilation that includes as many and varied Street Fighter games, you can’t go wrong with Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection. "
Recommended June 7
"Shape of the World provides a beautiful, serene escape from our worldly troubles."
Recommended June 6
"Instead of simply being a drooling homage, Moonlighter goes beyond, and delivers a quality time, in spades. "
Recommended May 23
"Frostpunk is an extremely tense game that plays with the many notions of humanity, touching upon the very best to the darkest and scariest things people will do in order to survive."
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