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Recommended May 5, 2016
"Relax with cards, clicking, repetitive music, and clicking and cards."
Recommended March 1, 2016
"Wall jump, level up, pixel up! Die less than me, k?"
Recommended February 18, 2016
"Meat vs. Metal vs. Mystery Meat Navigation. Win. Lose. Get confused."
Recommended February 1, 2016
"Look yourself in the eye while trying not to die."
Recommended January 25, 2016
"If you like trading, traveling, and reading, this might just be the game for you! Maybe..."
Recommended January 16, 2016
"Play for the treasure. Leave with a duck hat...if you're lucky."
Recommended January 16, 2016
"You. Absorb things. Anything smaller, you consume. Anything larger, consumes you. It's...absorbing."
Recommended August 10, 2015
"Contra style run-and-gun...with disappearing pants..."
Recommended August 1, 2015
"Gravitational defiance in a gun! Solid little puzzle-ish platformer game."
Recommended July 13, 2015
"Delving deeper into random mines looking for loot and love(?)...and dodging death...hopefully."
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