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Informational July 6
"Game has a lot of potential but its not relaxing at all. Keyboard play is arrows and control key so Joystick is a must. Game needs balanced as there is little time to make anyone happy. "
Recommended July 4
"Matt and co have created a wonderful rogue-lite game with tons of options, gameplay, multiplayer, If you support indiegames and early access this game is a MUST! Very active dev team. Hours of fun"
Not Recommended July 3
"Bot play is Horrible. If artificial intelligence was a thing its not found here. Very little in the way of weapons, and only two game modes. I found no players for an online match Needs work! "
Recommended July 2
"A nice Indie game made with Unity. Open world with many features and options. A lot of game features, and a story, for such a small price. Support Indie Dev's and just say NO to asset flippers! "
Recommended July 2
"Pretty fun indie 2d game based on a detective in a psychiatric hospital. Game is pretty simple and rather short in duration. "
Recommended July 2
"Great example of how much content could possibly have a small platformer like this. Every level is different unlike the others and contain lots of hidden locations. You have to try it!"
Recommended July 2
"Traum is a short, story-driven adventure about a man with a dream. Mature story not for children it is free to play. "
Recommended June 28
"A complete unique style of puzzle solving game with multi dimensional movement. Create your own levels, multiple maps, steam achievements, great visual and sound effects. Addicting! "
Informational June 27
"The indie creators of "The Silent Decent" have created another twisted puzzle / horror game which go from slightly easy to extremely hard. This time under early access because there is more to come"
Recommended June 23
"For a small Indie team this is probably one of the best realistic fishing sim's I've played In a long time. I missed the realism of the older fishing games and was pleased to see this. "
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