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Recommended September 17
"Crytivo has created a unique version of their own Black and White where you play a GOD overseeing the success or failure of a hash planet. The game is still in alpha but quite a lot of features. "
Recommended September 12
"Two brothers have created a unique combination of Puzzle, Adventure, and shooter into one game. Fans of the genre will enjoy the Puzzles and storyline. All designed by hand. 8/10 "
Recommended September 7
"2D action Space game with a LOT of features. Research tree, factions, exploration, combat, quests. Still in beta this is a very polished game! A must have for fans of the genre. "
Recommended September 1
"Green Hell is a story in development but the developers have given you a very challenging survival game of you vs the jungle. Can you survive the harsh environments of the world the team has created?"
Recommended August 27
"The game has a lot of potential and a very in depth crafting system, in place. Some bugs but the dev's are active and addressing them. Unique idea on using droids vs automated machines. "
Recommended August 25
"Saw Nox bought this and let me tell you this combat game is a hit. Needs work (its still being developed) options for custom weapons, voice, gameplay is fantastic! Some of the best AI I've seen!"
Recommended August 23
"In development now this FPS is looking good. Take charge as a commander or be a grunt on the group. Great team vs team action. Definitely one for the wishlist if you like the FPS genre. "
Recommended August 23
"Take the best out of Subsistence, 7 Days to Die, and State Of Decay and you pretty much have the potential for Mist Survival. One dev doing it all and $10 bucks gets you started on the journey 9/10"
Recommended August 16
"6 Eyes Studio is a small team of indie developers who brought a nice addition to the Story based RPG genre. Turn based tactics, crafting, really good storyline, and character customization. "
Recommended August 16
"If you're a fan of top down action shooters, multiplay modes and coop online or solo play this is an absolute must for your collection. Even create maps and missions and share in the workshop 9/10 "
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