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Not Recommended August 8
"First off the game has a lot of potential, but public servers are full, there are major issues with dsync. Not fun alone. Default settings hunger and experience are very grindy. Wait for a sale. "
Recommended August 4
"A really good 2D Space simulation where you command a crew of pirates, bounty hunters, its your choice. Crew management, Politics, trading, missions, this game really has it all. 10/10"
Recommended July 31
"Warning: Opening storyline will take you beyond the refund time limit. Game delivers as promised. Solve crimes with clues and pictures, manage your station, resources, equipment. Lots of dialog. "
Informational July 30
"I wish I could recommend the game but the lack of a mouse cursor drove me insane. Poor optimization and almost no fun factor. "
Informational July 30
"Created with unreal assets you run around with a flashlight avoiding a monster and finding notes. I never really felt a storyline nor scared if you're a horror fan. No intro, not much of a plot. "
Informational July 28
"The game has come a long way since release but still two issues remain. 1. Pay to Win games should be free 2. Your base is only protected for a limited amount of time if you don't log in. "
Recommended July 24
"Really nice story playing a PI who shot his partner and is haunted by him throughout your mission of solving cases. Lots of voice acting and character interaction "
Recommended July 22
"I bought the game because I love FPS's and loved the idea of modular gun building. Missions can be off the wall crazy or super easy depends on your loadout :) Multiplayer would be nice. COOP soon! "
Recommended July 21
"Cute little indie RPG / crafting / building game. Advance your character, explore planets, various quests. Not a bad game at all. "
Informational July 6
"Game has a lot of potential but its not relaxing at all. Keyboard play is arrows and control key so Joystick is a must. Game needs balanced as there is little time to make anyone happy. "
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