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Recommended June 15
"LEGO and Disney / Pixar had a baby and out came a solid and fun game. I would even get it to be able to play Jack-Jack. A MUST for every Lego games player!"
Recommended June 12
"They messed it up for so many times and now you get the chance to do it right. Build Jurassic Park. Who wins? T-Rex or me? Game On!"
Recommended May 31
"Playing as a New Born Vampire... decide if you feast on rats or the citizens. Hard decision when you get XP off humans. YUM! Banquet is open!"
Not Recommended May 31
""Guitar Hero" with various instruments. Not with the guitar but with your keyboard. Either I'm crap with two fingers or this is meant to be for various people hitting one key each. - Too difficult..."
Not Recommended May 29
"Unfortunately it's not a pinch simulator. This would have been fun. Instead, you - the crab - walk the beach to find stuff for the beach go-ers that will stomp on you. Wait for when it's cheaper."
Recommended May 28
"Think of Civilization in old Egypt. Discover new lands, decide what to build on them based on its attributes, assimilate other tribes and prosper. - While taming Lions along the way..."
Recommended May 24
"Stuck on a raft - sadly, I'm glad that the waters around me are massively polluted so I can build things by recycling. All fine and peaceful... until the shark's eating my raft. Brilliant!"
Recommended May 19
"I saw the Carribeans on EA and found it interesting. Moving Trucks, Planes around for a thriving economy in a specific country. After 2 hours in, I went to buy "The Lot". Didn't regret it once."
Recommended May 17
"Bang! Call it House Mechanic Simulator. Clean, paint, install, smash walls... grindy tasks over and over. First as job, then as owner of a house. If you like grindy sims: GET. If not: Hands off"
Recommended May 10
"Demons invaded earth and the survivors build a base, craft and research to kick them out. This demon twist gives it another interesting spice. Fun!"
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