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Recommended December 12
"Although this is a good-looking arcade racer with plenty of content, it fails to excite enough to elevate it above other similar titles in the genre. "
Recommended December 12
"This is a cult classic for a reason, showcasing what a well-made rogue-lite should be. For those seeking a challenge, beating the game numerous times will amp it up."
Recommended December 12
"Edge of Eternity is still in its early stages and still requires a fair amount of polishing but shows a lot of promise. JRPG fans should keep an eye out for this one."
Recommended December 11
"True Fear Forsaken Souls Part 2 is a compelling adventure that will have you perusing intricate puzzles amidst an unsettling atmosphere."
Recommended December 10
"This latest chapter of the series expands upon all the gameplay features that made VC1 an excellent title, and is indeed recommended to both fans of the franchise and newcomers."
Recommended December 9
"A really promising and unique sci-fi sandbox, that already can be set apart from the mass of similar games by its unique style and some fresh mechanics. Definitely keep an eye on it."
Not Recommended December 9
"Treasure Hunter makes an admirable attempt of simulating treasure hunting, but multiple technical issues and a few dud design choices detract both from enjoyment and realism."
Recommended December 8
"An enjoyable turn-based strategy that captures the atmosphere of what it must be like to be stranded on a hostile island nation as a group of mercenaries."
Recommended December 6
"A new X franchise experience, refreshing, in-depth and addicting. X4 holds all the right cards to become one of the best space sandbox simulators yet."
Recommended December 6
"A fairly short horror adventure game, if the pixel art isn't enough to charm you, the funny dialogue and characters likely will. But can you figure out the kobold's name?"
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