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Not Recommended June 18
""Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr” has excellent graphics and sound design, but these elements can’t make up for poor gameplay with terrible design choices."
Recommended June 17
"Fatal Twelve, a read to consider if you're looking for an engrossing mystery story with darker themes."
Recommended June 15
"“Cultist Simulator” is a narrative driven card game rougelike which is so much fun to play, and so frustrating to lose. "
Recommended June 13
"An incredibly addicting farming game that isn't "just" a farming game."
Recommended June 12
"A decent turnbased strategy game, with challenging combat and an interesting narrative"
Recommended June 10
"A compelling Sci Fi tale, that although it has it's flaws is nonetheless rewarding. It is more of a walking simulator than a full on action game though, so bare that in mind"
Not Recommended June 10
"A score attack game with great combat, that is sadly unfinished and bereft of content"
Recommended June 9
"Heart of Crown, a refreshing deck building card game to enjoy with your friends."
Recommended June 9
"An innovative puzzle game, that has some platforming elements. Challenging levels, a very slick gameplay experience and a low price make this well worth your time"
Recommended June 7
"A frantic, and exhilirating, first person shooter that is the successor to the classic game 'Descent'"
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