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Recommended June 18, 2015
"I must give props to the art team for they have made a gripping horror game with some beautiful and immersive graphics."
Recommended June 4, 2015
"It might not be the most innovative game out there, but given it comes from a small indie team, it does achieve what it sets out to do admirably."
Recommended May 7, 2015
"Convoy could easily be passed off as another 'clone'; yet, in doing so, you would miss out one of the freshest titles to hit the indie scene this year."
Recommended May 7, 2015
"Surprise Attack Games have created an excellent example of a game which is simple yet elegant, and most of all incredibly enjoyable."
Recommended April 13, 2015
"While it’s a slightly limited experience, Vietnam ’65 impresses with its novel mechanics, interesting setting and entertaining gameplay."
Recommended March 7, 2015
"The story is light and humorous, meaning the game also serves as the perfect remedy for the many darker games that have been coming out lately."
Recommended March 7, 2015
"Harold is a fun game for fans of the continuous runner genre, and against all odds it actually manages to take such a simple genre and build on it."
Recommended March 7, 2015
"Total War: Attila expects you to lose and become frustrated, but it is right there waiting for you to learn, improve, and come back with a vengeance."
Recommended March 7, 2015
"Despite being held back by a poor opening sequence, Compile Heart has created an epic, sprawling world for players to sink months of their time into."
Recommended March 7, 2015
"I didn't know what to expect going into War of the Human Tanks – Alter, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it's a rather enjoyable experience"
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