Choice-based interactive fiction, preferably text-based.

Recommended May 23
"One of our games. What doesn't kill you...kills someone else, and leads you down an ethical rabbit hole. Can you do what's right in a world where vice is a virtue?"
Recommended May 4
"From Hosted Games. Your favorite small-town heroes return to superpowered college! Study, party, and fight powerful and deadly villains! Choose your path and save the day!"
Recommended April 18
"One of our games. May the best story win! Enter the medieval world of Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales," where your journey, and the stories you tell, will change history."
Recommended April 12
"One of our games. Survive the past, save the future! Explore a savage Stone Age world where you'll face jungles, terrifying beasts, and a cruel pre-human civilization!"
Recommended April 5
"One of our games. Can you win The Hero Project, America's #1 reality competition for heroes? Team up with allies old and new to unravel a conspiracy threatening your world."
Recommended March 15
"From Hosted Games. Become a road warrior in the arid plains! Take the role of a Highway Marshall, in a bid to enforce the rule of civilization on a post-apocalyptic world."
Recommended March 15
"From Hosted Games. They called you a hero; you call them fools. Use your telepathy romance old friends and fight new enemies as you become the greatest villain ever known!"
Recommended March 9
"From Hosted Games. Your first case as a detective is forcing you to open your eyes to a world bigger than you thought."
Recommended March 9
"From Hosted Games. Don powered armor as you take on terrorists and eldritch aliens in the not too distant future! Modify your armor to suit your needs and stand tall against your foes."
Recommended February 22
"One of our own games. Grab your glove, it's time to pitch your way to the top of the major leagues! Throw fastballs, curveballs, and sliders to take home a pennant!"
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