mainly indie games, but will occasionally write about a great non-indie game title. We like to focus on the little guys doing big things!

Recommended March 16, 2015
""...there is a lot of both entertainment value and content for the $1.99 you're paying for the game.""
Recommended March 16, 2015
"Deathtrap is one of those games that rarely comes along. One that restores my faith in a genre that is drowning in too much of the tried and true."
Recommended February 25, 2015
"All in all, this is one of the best P&C adventure games I've ever played. Every aspect is impressive on its own and when..."
Recommended February 24, 2015
""It may have just passed its second birthday but it is no less enjoyable.""
Recommended February 24, 2015
""The presentation of the game is great and there are potentially a lot of chambers there to solve with secrets and alternate routes being promised.""
Recommended February 24, 2015
""From the well-designed puzzles to the little attentions to detail, it is one of the single greatest platformers I have ever played.""
Recommended January 29, 2015
"The tone set by the music, the dialogue...there’s this odd familiarity about it. It’s a comforting sort of vibe that you rarely get from video games."
Recommended January 27, 2015
"Does the new year's most anticipated zombie game stand above the rest or does it fall flat from the outset?"
Recommended October 22, 2014
"Recettear is a really fun and unique game. Even though I was slightly disappointed with the dungeon crawler aspect of the game, I still enjoyed it and w"
Recommended October 22, 2014
"It has been called a Rogue-LITE by its developers because of its incredible difficulty and expectation that you will die. A lot. But because you've got"
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