I'm a crappy gamer running a blog. Here I'll reccomend games that I think are worth taking a look at. Expect a good mix of genres and plenty of hidden gems or semi-obscure titles

Recommended March 25, 2015
"This game takes Everything Escape Goat does, and does it better. A no-brainer if you liked the first game."
Recommended February 24, 2015
"While a little rough around the edges, this game is fun throwback to the quarter-munchers of the 80s and 90s."
Recommended January 11, 2015
"Not only does this game have a ton of content to play with, but it gets to the good stuff quickly. You'll be cooking up insane spells in no time!"
Recommended November 9, 2014
"A platform game that perfectly captures the feeling of old DOS shareware games. Worth a look if you're a fan of games like Commander Keen or Bio Menace."
Recommended November 2, 2014
"A dungeon crawler with some very complex customization options, including sprite editing. Has more than enough content to warrent the price."
Recommended October 13, 2014
"Imagine a 4X game like Galciv. Now imagine playing not a faction, but a single powerful ship who's job is 'spanner in the works' . That's this game."
Recommended October 13, 2014
"A dungeon crawing RPG set in a living world: quests and events don't just wait for you to act but progress on their own. Has a nice custom class system."
Recommended October 13, 2014
"A diablo-like rpg with a unique twist: diplomacy. Managing your clan, complete with war and diplomacy with Others helps keep things fresh."
Recommended October 13, 2014
"A unique and Very addictive RTS/tower defense game. Between the various game modes and random maps there's near limitless content to play through."
Recommended October 11, 2014
"A dungeon crawler with a little town management for good measure, all in a randomly generated world. Has a good mix of oldschool an new ideas."
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