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Informational March 14
"This game is a scarily accurate representation of my childhood. Minus the possums and trailer parks. But attempting not to shoot yourself while intoxicated is spot on."
Recommended February 18
"Enjoy a simulator look at the fun of commercial fishing without any of the actual hazards of physical activity. Be amazed by the officially licensed tools and marvel at the simulated northern lights."
Recommended January 16
"Control the cutest pests known while simultaneously committing wood larceny on a grand scale. Designed for two player co-op, you’ll need a friend to complete this. If this is challenging, Craigslist."
Informational December 22, 2017
"Practice buying and selling a fake currency (aka AUD) to prepare yourself for the upcoming boom/bust of cryptocurrency. For fans of games that remind them of work and staring at a spreadsheet."
Recommended December 21, 2017
"Play the most authentic simulator of Australia colonization; featuring sending criminals to inhospitable lands where they will likely perish for your amusement. Fun for the whole family."
Recommended December 19, 2017
"Play as the police or the angry mob in this Venezuela/2016/2017 simulator. Just like posting on the internet, feel like you are doing something without actually getting your hands dirty."
Recommended December 9, 2017
"Oh yeah, spin some fidgets in this game. Now that Steam gives analytics data, I may or may not be measuring the impacts of poor humor on clickthrough."
Recommended December 9, 2017
"Loosely based on one of the book series I fondly remember from childhood, play as a cat in a fun game. The link below is to the developer's earlier and free project (Warrior Cats: Untold Tales)."
Recommended October 26, 2017
"Protect your border through the help of border man, who is obivously not a representation of anyone. Enjoy humor and the fact you bought the equivalent of a flash game."
Recommended October 26, 2017
"From the makers of Hentai (real title), comes another game you will buy solely off the name and shock factor alone. Be amazed by the memetastic artwork and be surprised when your parents are ashamed."
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