Good indie games for Linux/SteamOS that deserve more attention.

Recommended September 17
"An amazing piece of open software that can deal with all the tasks of casual Photoshop users and probably some professionals as well. Tested with mouse and stylus tablet. No issues on Linux."
Recommended September 16
"This might have been about people. People in groups. But who am I to judge... Half an hour of abstract experience. Don't expect what most people would call a game. "
Recommended August 25
"Funny point and click adventure about actually existing socialism. Fair difficulty. Some mini games requiring speed (but slowing down after failure). A bug on Linux has been fixed on the beta branch."
Free To Play
Recommended July 19
"Little cube C432632 lives in a square grey world and his biggest problem is that his TV doesn't work anmore. Charming little point and click for free, worth the hour it takes."
Recommended May 28
"Funny point and click adventure game with a conversational style that hearkens back to classic Lucas Arts games. Caught myself laughing quite a bit from the absurd humor. Works great with Linux!"
Recommended May 17
"Attack of the Earthlings is not the new XCOM. But it is a nice little turn-based tactics game where you as the aliens fight an evil human coporation, making fun of corporations and humans alike..."
Recommended May 5
"The controls take a bit to get used to and the gameplay is a bit chaotic, but it's the most light hearted fun I've had resurrecting minions to attack my enemies."
Recommended May 5
"Isometric puzzle game, good interaction between the characters you control to find solutions. A very welcome checkpoint system incorporated in some of the longer levels. Decent addition to the genre"
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