Because sometimes you only need an hour to tell if a game is any good.

Recommended October 11
"My leading contender for game of the year. No joke."
Not Recommended September 27
"Almost bad enough to be funny, almost good enough to be fun, which is what makes it so frustrating."
Recommended September 27
"It's like Overcooked 1, but with more "this is fun" in it and less "I hate you forever!""
Recommended September 27
"So apparently all it took for me to get into a souls-like was to paint it blue and add chainsaws. Developers, take note."
Recommended September 27
"It’s like Minecraft, but with so much more … genitalia."
Recommended September 2
"Do not wait. Do not pause. Do not think. But do go and buy this game."
Recommended August 28
"It's nice to see people making actual point-and-click adventure games, since Telltale gave up on that a decade ago. Still, it would be nice if the character models weren't so terrifying."
Recommended August 19
"It's good, but it feels like a missed opportunity."
Recommended August 9
"In space, nobody can hear you do quality control."
Recommended July 29
"Sometimes being nerfed is a good thing."
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