Games which I find both entertaining and well made. Also games which tend to stay in my memory. This is very personal recommendations. But in essence it will be a list of games I return to over and over again.

Recommended March 19
"Sandlådespel med med 80% scienceFACT och 20% scienceFICTION. Bra grafik & ljud. Välgjord grund med vissa barnsjukdomar. Stödjer linux. Moddbart. Marskoloni! :-)"
Recommended May 15, 2017
""First Encounter" & "Second Encounter" - all on Vulcan AND on Linux. Now THAT is a serious boon indeed! What are you waiting for? Go get it! :-)"
Recommended March 22, 2017
"Föreställ dig Diablos värld men med lite mer humor och allt gjort av papper. Som en pappers "pop up" bok. Detta är ett otroligt välgjort och trevligt indiespel. Väl värt din tid!"
Recommended July 27, 2016
"Ultra designed retro cyberpunk puzzler with interesting "hacking" elements and nice mechanics. Many throwbacks and references to the 1980's."
Recommended May 13, 2016
"Utmärkt hybridspel mellan 4x och storskalig strategi. Moddsupport och allmänt välkonstruerat. Långlivat från Paradox."
Recommended March 29, 2015
"Very smart puzzler. Good graphics and sound. Like Factorio in smaller puzzle form. Mind bending problems. Easy to learn but a real challange to master."
Recommended March 10, 2015
"a long awaited city builder! Finally someone has done it well. Fantastic game in all respects. No online demand. Some minor issues. Mod support. :-D"
Recommended February 17, 2015
"Puzzler with very easy mechanics. Well crafted graphical style. Easy on the surface but offers a challange. Very nice little indie game, I like it."
Recommended February 17, 2015
"Relaxing "game" set on an island. VERY retro style graphics. Seasons & time changes. Odd things to discover. Meditation in digital form. Simple sounds."
Recommended February 17, 2015
"Simple but oh so well crafted racer. You race towards the sunset with a solar powered craft. Easy but VERY addictive. Mod support! Wall made!"
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