An eclectic collection of my favorites from a wide variety of genres.

Recommended October 16, 2017
"An epic martial arts tale with anthropomorphic animals. Or Mad Max meets Watership Down. Includes an amazing editor, impressive modability and dedicated developers."
Recommended June 5, 2017
"The closest thing to a living comic book around. A sharp strategic card game melded with a surprisingly developed setting that drips with affection for comics."
Recommended April 30, 2017
"Battling attrition, twists of fate and a pervasive corrupting force called The Rot make this fairy tale theme shine. Use careful resource management, strategy and luck to win this enthralling game."
Recommended March 29, 2017
"One of the best indie shmups on PC. Feature rich, hard, fair and fun. If you care about shmups on the PC this is worth your attention. BLUE REVOLVER is a love letter to the genre."
Recommended October 25, 2016
"Walter Machado continues his quest for the ultimate distillation of post-cyberpunk adrenaline."
Recommended October 10, 2016
"Super Conversation Battle Space Trader Deep Sandbox Game. Bust your uncle cheating at cards and use the information against him."
Recommended June 14, 2016
"The best damn sandbox mech combat game around. Buy this game right now. "
Recommended April 9, 2016
"Fast and accessible multiplayer mayhem with one of the most entertaining online lobbies I've ever seen. Hilarious and addictively playable."
Recommended March 28, 2016
"Classic roguelike design with a brilliant math puzzle combat mechanic. Another fresh and highly creative game from the creator of HyperRogue and NotEye."
Recommended March 12, 2016
"One of the first hacker sims still gets the adrenaline up. Introversion successfully combined a compelling cyberpunk adventure with sandbox gameplay."
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