Games on Steam rated 8 and above on iLLGaming, Some noteworthy games made by Indian developers and personal favourites of our Editors.

Recommended June 9, 2016
"It seems like a fine dish made of the best of the Total War franchise that skimps on the seasoning which would have made it truly brilliant."
Recommended May 11, 2016
"Sadly, there won't be any Dark Souls games after this, but this is the big bang with which you can say goodbye to one of the things you really loved."
Recommended April 3, 2016
"It has some brilliant gameplay mechanics that make it more of a puzzle than a shooter and also has plenty of replayability."
Recommended March 16, 2016
"It is an excellent port of a quirky, engrossing and fun RPG, that features a unique gameplay system and remains an unmissable game for fans of the genre"
Recommended February 17, 2016
"It delivers finely tuned and thoroughly exciting action experiences, sometimes held back by contradictory elements."
Recommended February 17, 2016
"It is a nostalgic trip to Colonial India, this game charters unexplored waters offering a truly unique, breathtaking and exotic setting."
Recommended January 30, 2016
"It is a deserving entry in the Homeworld franchise that has some fine visuals and gameplay but is held back by its predictable AI and skimpy content."
Recommended October 18, 2015
"It is the most satisfying sports game out today, that has an equal balance of Offense and Defense, coupled with the cheesiest NBA Soundtrack ever."
Recommended September 24, 2015
"It is a brilliant fun game that sticks so well to the details of its lore that some of its systems might confound you till you understand the context."
Recommended September 15, 2015
"It raises the bar for sandbox gameplay, and almost always rewards us with an experience that feels both fascinating and deeply personal."
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